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hrt question / boosts ok 

I was scared that I would lose my singing after starting voice work. Despite the dysphoria from my voice I still loved to sing and I sounded good. So knowing that I still can sing is...a lot tbh

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I sang carols this holiday season. I was told that I had developed an Actually Good Soprano from someone whose judgement I trust. Even just hearing myself sing next to her harmonizing was positive but the actual affirmation really drove it home

getting more self confident about pushing back immediately and unequivocally when misgendered

An important holiday skill

selfie ec cat 

another selfie, ec 

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nine selfies, ec 

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me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO

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Bee safety information, boosts appreciated 

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what's heavier, a pound of water or a pound of butane? 

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#tootFic 2/2

~the cat streaked out of the alley yowling. A moment later, the sky turned black; heartbeats after that, it lit up with countless sparkles in every color known to humanity.

A breath later, the cat - no, 4 cats - 6 - returned, every cat she'd ever fed, protected, shared warmth with, climbed on top of her, yowling, mewling, until she could see nothing but fur.

The flash that lit up the sky next blinded millions of people, but Aileen, shielded by cats, survived just fine.


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Yesterday was mentally and emotionally draining and I really hope today goes better


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Wish I could go back to bed and just try again tomorrow, a bit

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I had a nightmare last night and sure it's nice to be awake now but I'm also already exhausted and haven't even started my day

terfery, today's Big Drama 

occasionally, one of my cats (Cinder) will jump on the other one (Mola

also, I have a painting of them in my house ( @FluxFaun made it actually and it is amazing)

today Cinder leapt up and smacked the painting right where Mola was, right after I told her not to jump on Mola

I choose to believe this is an example of Cinder being very perceptive and recognizing pictures, and also of how excellent the art is, but now I need to move the painting somewhere less accessible

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i peeked at twitter today and y'all CWs are the real christmas miracle

Brutal headache today all day. And I still have a dentist appt to go to. Just...ugh

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