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My cats are sensitive to my feelings and I really appreciate it

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I started journaling, which is really good and positive


@renatolond nevermind I see someone else filed this issue in the tracker

@renatolond forgive the impertinence but would it be possible to add the option to filter CWed toots out of the crossposter or is it already there and I'm missing the option?

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very validating to walk in some random store and get read as a woman by the owner, the other customers having a conversation, etc. i've come a long way but these little moments still really get me

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selfie ec 

just imagine a cat meow coming from downstairs saying "Mola"

one of my cats knows how to say her name and it's simultaneously adorable and terrifying

I'm starting to get curves. Little ones, but definitely, like, noticeable. Holy crap.

I didn't know Auric Goldfinger and Baron Bomburst (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) were acted and voiced by the same person but now I do and I need to go back and revisit

And for the record I don't mind jQuery! It just doesn't make sense to use this big whopping library when I was really only using it for two or three things all of which can easily be rewritten in vanilla js

fun fact: i pushed this change directly to my live website because my CORS settings are restrictive to the point where I can't test, and it worked fine. dev pipeline step is...still tbd.

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