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working from home most of this week has been tough not because of the guys working on my bathroom making noise but because i have to supervise the stupid cats

I’m freaking my cat out by playing videos of kitten meows and i think i need to stop

I got "extra hot" pad kee mao today and it....wasn't extra hot that's for sure

Things are good. It is weird to say that with confidence but they really are.

Presenting as male for work bothers me a lot less than when I actually go out en femme to do something with people who know my Gender Situation and still get wrong pronouns

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LMAO I just had a picture of me from a year ago surface and the contrast is really making me feel good about myself

my grandmother corrected some of her friends wrt gender while we were out together and i wasn't expecting it at all! combination of embarrassment that it came up and elation that she's so supportive :3

voice lessons are going really well and i'm very happy about that

also 26 days till endo time and hopefully getting on E and aaaaAAAAAA :rainbowdance:

vacations are all booked for the year and i'm excited

My close friends are super supportive and helpful and patient and I can't begin to express to them how appreciative I am

I'm not sure melting down like that was constructive in any way, sorry about that

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