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this is actually a pretty good article. speaks to why i came over here in the first place in a lot of ways

take care of your health, everybody. had a pretty bad scare in my family last night. don't want to go through that again any time soon

i thought putting on makeup and going out in public would be challenging or anxiety inducing. i've been doing it regularly for a month or two now and it is neither of these things which was extremely gratifying

it's been a _whole day!_ now aaaaaaa i wish they had sent a form submission confirmation email so i could avoid stressing over whether i actually pressed the submit button or not

what in heck someone made a typeface out of the national park signs

i love it

voice consult signup done hopefully it'll work with my schedule

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that little noise cats make when they jump down to the floor, retoot if u agree

just ate way more sugar than I've adjusted to in the last 8 months and I'm feeling really, really sick

hmm i got a (very nice and much appreciated) award at work and i think i may have to have it re-engraved later this year on my own dime because it _certainly_ does not have the correct name on it

i'd prefer to just do it as part of the CI pipeline but that'd take, like, deep analysis of git commits, so hard pass on that

need to work on how to monitor an rss feed for new posts so that i can crosspost stuff here when i publish to static sites

busy busy day today, i just keep on ending up on support calls with vendors somehow

I used to have a great singing voice. I still do, but it doesn't feel like _mine_ anymore, which sucks on a couple different levels

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Sometimes I'd like to just snap my fingers and fast forward through the next year or so

Started cardio again and it's weird but I don't smell at all after workout? Assuming it's cause I'm on spiro with no E yet but that was a very strange discovery

(feedback welcome! I posted a selfie recently that illustrates where I'm at right now)

Torn between continuing to let my hair grow out so I can do something with it or trying to get it cut more feminine and lose some length progress. :/

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