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i don't want to cook tonight but not sure if i want to go out either

delivery's a non-starter

what would you do?

substance dependency 

i'm feeling very impatient today! i know stuff takes time but grr argh i wish it didn't.

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dysphoria?, - 

dysphoria?, - 

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The desire for unbounded growth of users is based in capitalism's need for unsustainable growth. I think we should reject this.

i'm not an authority on these, of course, so if there is some kind of actual endemic to the project thing then I'm happy to be corrected, but i'm just not seeing it rn

i think the problem with the daily dot article is that instance admins can make their own decisions about their policies, which kind of undermines the whole point

if there was really a project level issue like they try to set up, _then_ we can talk about other interoperable projects, but, i mean, that doesn't reflect on the community and is an instance-level decision anyway

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"mastodon is CRUMBLING because it doesn't have the toxic political environment twitter has"

haha WHAT

this is something that i could start a web hosting business with I think.

I'm not going to, I'm going to open source it once I've got it cleaned up, but boy is it ever neat

"terraform apply"

oh wahey look at that an HTTPS enabled cloudfront distribution with a custom domain in front of a static s3 site backed by a CI/CD pipeline from a codecommit repo

this is amazing and i can't believe I never messed with this stuff before!!

terraform is some really darn cool technology

the last week has been one of the most creative weeks that i've had in a really long time. learned about a bunch of new technology I hadn't worked with before, building out whole technology stacks in the cloud at a single button press now. this is really cool.

i have no idea what the motivating factor is, though


did a thing with a bunch of AWS services I hadn't ever touched before last night and I am now very close to launching a new version of my personal site. not sure what name to launch it under but 🤷


got some clothes today. i am proud to announce that i am Pretty Cute

hrt mh+ 

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