I didn't really get into the nuts and bolts but between a two day delay on filing the prescription and another two day delay on filing the prior authorization I am really quite unhappy with my provider


It's done now so I am coming down off of the Peak of Upset

Important update bureaucracy is finally over and I have a prescription to pick up after work today. What a massive relief.

Cried myself to sleep last night over this whole meds situation. I think the stress really got to me. Doing better today and hopefully able to cope more effectively.

I got 12 hours of sleep last night and I am considering going back to bed.

oh. "your insurance needs a prior authorization and it's 5 pm on a friday so this might be done on monday, maybe"

just, fuck everything.

@mintycat that is something I would have trouble giving you - going to be specific to wherever you are. Try "reddit.com/r/(closest city to you)"?

It's fixed but fuck why was any of that my responsibility to fix? Advocating for myself in the healthcare system is so frustrating sometimes

@mintycat I created a throwaway account & asked on local subreddit. Some useful suggestions after sorting through the few shitty comments

My prescription apparently never made it to the pharmacy and that is far more emotionally draining than it has any right to be

i went to all this trouble for Gatekeepy Endo today and i ended up just seeing his nurse practitioner instead

ON THE OTHER HAND it got me out of the house in a skirt for the first time so i guess it's still a win

the american alliance of museums just published some kickass material for coming out at work - check it out aam-us.org/professional-networ

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otoh i'm in like 12 discord servers i guess? 🙃

thinking today about how i don't have any meaningful non-professional social contact outside of the internet and how that's probably bad

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JUST IN: Lori Lightfoot has won Chicago's mayoral runoff, the AP projects.

Lightfoot will become the first black woman — and the first openly gay person — to serve as mayor of Chicago.

i never considered a tattoo before but i kinda want a small one now idk

gonna give that a ton more thought before pulling the trigger on anything

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