I had a lovely time at and as always was really thrilled with the positive and inclusive atmosphere

Vacation this week is nice. Got a good chunk of writing to do on the way home but fortunately have a 9 hour train ride to get it done!

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The best thing about crushes is that you can just enjoy them and it doesn’t ever have to be anything more.

Huge thanks to the wonderful person who rescued me from the creepy guy outside Reading Terminal Market, can't express how appreciative I am💛

traveled from Buffalo to Philadelphia by train today and I am officially a rail convert now. No other travel option is nearly as relaxing from a logistics or required attention standpoint.

Different behavior in the new Hugo markdown parser is driving me mad, all my footnotes are out of order because I didn't put them in order in the posts and was relying on the old parser to reorder them. My own fault, really.


selfie; transition progress 

selfie; transition progress 

selfie; transition progress 

One nice thing about being able to be myself that I've noticed is that my social fatigue around the holidays has dramatically lessened. I'm ok to just chill now and don't need to take as many breaks from Being Social


selfies ec 

more selfies, with cats this time, no eye contact 

selfies ec 

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