a lot of stuff going on life-wise these days. feels like it's way easier to cope some days than others and I wish I could put my finger on why

Lmao I guess I've confirmed that's a thing I'm doing now, I could have sworn I mentioned it somewhere before now

First full electrolysis clearance done (for surgery prep). Big step! Excited.

I still have no appetite but eh, whatever

today's a better day, thank goodness

selfies X2, a year apart (image desc) 

selfies X2, a year apart 

getting new clothes is always a mood boost for me and especially when said clothes fill a wardrobe gap

I'm feeling okay today. This is good.

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Me: tries to overclock my CPU

My poor CPU: pls stop,,,, it Hz

@highlandwolland@layer8.space This is actually a super helpful thing to have seen for me right now. Thank you for sharing it

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Read an article about how the DMCA is being used to fight people from allowing people to use their own modified health devices.


Explaining DMCA to someone, I found an old article about myself. I've been thinking about this stuff for over twenty years. #old


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Let’s make a trans zine! 

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mew! mew! mew! wake up! *sticks paw in your face* feed me! play with me! why you sleep when im not sleep?

tarot, mild blah feelings 

tarot, mild blah feelings 

... Morning? No thank you, I'd rather not

Last night was an early night for me - couldn't make it to midnight. But that's ok.

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