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i can't wait to experience being fully immersed in the toilet

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Wondering if anything will ever come close to that moment when everything just clicked for me a few months ago. That "Oh, I'm a woman" moment where a lot of stuff came into focus and made sense and just felt *right*.

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I'm only doing it rn so I don't have to deal with name changes on plane tickets tbh

My wife and I went to a concert last night and someone told us we were an adorable couple and ngl I'm still glowing

2 major cravings these days: touch and sour candy

@jocelynk ( 🤷‍♀️ in that I don't know how they will react and also in that I'm extremely fortunate to be able to make that HR's problem)

@jocelynk HR is supportive & my manager is supportive! Everyone else, 🤷‍♀️

Sometimes when I get ready for work now I wonder how anyone could still look at me and think "guy" but I guess this is another The Cis Are Oblivious thing?

I sweated a lot today and boy howdy I smell like GIRL now which is a massive upgrade to previous

‪So I didn't realize I needed a certified copy of my birth certificate for name change stuff and apparently it takes 3 weeks minimum to get one aaaaa‬

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Fuuuuck post laser shedding can't start soon enough

talked with work last week, went well! coming out timeline is starting to get set more and i'll probably be FT by end of July (I'm the first trans employee at the company so part of this is going to be helping develop processes too, I think)

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Meet the 2019 Tiny Desk Contest winner: Quinn Christopherson. We were blown away by his honest songwriting and storytelling.

He says the message of his song "Erase Me" is: "You cannot assume things about people" based on appearance or perceived identity.

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