bad dreams and sleep loss 3 nights in a row. it's gonna catch up to me and I'm gonna sleep like all weekend and then it's gonna be friggin' Monday again.

Getting outfit compliments will never ever ever get old

i love this selfie i took but i can't post it because it has strong top energy so might run afoul of 15 USC § 1125

ah, morning. getting ready for work, listening to the cat screaming at walls, all seems reasonably in line with new routine

selfie ec 

@porsupah oh gosh, no, she's just terrible at hunting lol. her other favorite thing to do is charge at the window, chase the birds away, and then chatter loudly at them when they try to come back

the other one actually did live on the street for a while before she came to us and you can tell because she is absolutely silent until she pounces from 2 inches away from the window...and then you hear the really sad sound of cat skull against glass 😿

my cats are hunting birds out the back window and one of them is uh purring. not very stealthy, cinder

how to be visible without going outside,,,,

made a slight update to it but you won't see it for another day because the page is already cached on cloudfront lol

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I wrote a blog post about what I'm doing during this time of social distancing:

mostly posting this to hold myself accountable

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how did it get so warm out! windows open, birds at the feeder, nice walk around the neighborhood, breeze through the house, cats happy, Alli happy

selfies. no eye contact! boosts ok. 

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"Alli you can't just say that and not take a picture" yes yes I'm working on it

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