Anyone know how to find lgbt-friendly hairdressers that do hair coloring? askng because I need to chop this shit out of my head, change the color, and make it look fucking good. Ping me if you do, please.

I live in a town that calls itself a city, and I'm scared to explain to the devout Christian hairdresser I've gone to since I was 10 that no, I'm NOT a woman and would you please give me a men's cut?

Compounding the issue is the way my area was wrecked by Hurricane Michael - we've lost 1/3 of our population, last time I checked. I don't know who's here, and I don't know who's friendly, but if I can find out who WAS here, I can get started finding out if they still are.

@mintycat I created a throwaway account & asked on local subreddit. Some useful suggestions after sorting through the few shitty comments

@allison Thank you very much! Could I get a link, please?

@mintycat that is something I would have trouble giving you - going to be specific to wherever you are. Try " city to you)"?

@allison That makes a great deal of sense and I now feel embarrassed about it

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