i really hate having to research as much as i'm having to since my endo is stuck in treatments from 10 years ago. next appointment is gonna be Real Fun

the fear that he'll just say "well clearly you don't trust me to do the right thing so go find another doctor i won't prescribe anything" is in the back of my mind too which isn't helping


it's just, you would expect the specialist to actually care enough to keep up with modern standards, but i'm instead put in the awkward position of knowing more than he does :|

@AraneaeDiscordia That's not something I thought about. I probably could, though.

@allison If you can, it may help. You should have the ability to have whoever you want in there with you. You have to be willing to share that kind of appointment, but having someone else there to advocate and as a bolster can be beneficial. I'm sorry you have to deal with this bullshit.

@AraneaeDiscordia thanks. might have to do that. i think it would help

Hopefully it's more just not keeping up with the times and less willful ignorance on the part of your doctor. Like, they just didn't keep up with it because they haven't had a need to kind of thing.

@jocelynk I'd like to think so, but first appointment made me a little wary. Fingers crossed that you're right

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