I got a fountain pen late last week and I love it a lot

I should do more blogging.

I say this a lot but don't have a lot to show for it except for those windows where I'm REALLY interested in what I'm doing. Probably ADHD related but it's one of the things I haven't developed a coping skill for

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Neural net + jello 

I dreamt about setting up two factor auth last night. How are you supposed to tell you're dreaming when the numbers are supposed to change every time you look at them??

Parasite was, well, I can see why it won awards but I absolutely will not watch it again

If I could redo the last decade that'd be neat, I could fix a lot of mistakes

It's kinda weird having some things going well in life but other things being massive sources of frustration

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girls like girls and girls and girls and girls and girls and girls 🎶

a lot of stuff going on life-wise these days. feels like it's way easier to cope some days than others and I wish I could put my finger on why

Lmao I guess I've confirmed that's a thing I'm doing now, I could have sworn I mentioned it somewhere before now

First full electrolysis clearance done (for surgery prep). Big step! Excited.

I still have no appetite but eh, whatever

today's a better day, thank goodness

selfies X2, a year apart (image desc) 

selfies X2, a year apart 

getting new clothes is always a mood boost for me and especially when said clothes fill a wardrobe gap

I'm feeling okay today. This is good.

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