so far so good. smtp external server all set, postgres is working, compiling css/js now

next: resize it back down to a nano and try to run everything. should be fun.

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ok resized to t3.small to do the ruby stuff. if this doesnt work...

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lol just crashed the instance trying to install ruby. even had swap file set up already lol

if nothing else it'll make profile migration WAY EASIER so likely a better long term solution

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pleroma's not great, i'm gonna try mastodon and see how it runs on a tiny server

Hi friends, if you received a follow request from @alli that's me on my own instance, doing a migration thing

testing something, please ignore this

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I think we can all agree western culture was a mistake. Just one big unpleasant occident

(The CI/CD moving thing was actually super fun and it's very nice to know that I don't need a Jenkins server anymore lol)

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I have a t3.nano reserved instance on AWS after I managed to offload my CI/CD to GitHub Actions this week. What do I do with it? Personal Pleroma server (since Masto can't run on a t3.nano)? Thoughts?


really wish I was being touched in interesting places by someone who wanted to touch me in interesting places right now

discussion of weight and dysphoria 

im not recommending questioning folks drop 30 pounds on a whim, for the record. this is only a personal observation

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discussion of weight and dysphoria 

just something that I realized: i wasn't able to admit that the reflexive dislike of myself and my appearance was actually dysphoria for a long time, I think, because I kept blaming it on being overweight for years and years. it wasn't until I finally hit a breaking point and lost weight, which I needed to do for my health anyway, that I finally was able to take the blinders off

sometimes I just want to be alone and that should be an okay thing for me to want imo

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My corporate work asked for a “funny picture of your pet”. So I sent them a picture of Kiki, my sourdough starter, who enjoys being fed and taking long walks. My boss followed up with me to make sure I was doing ok.


lonely. touch starved. sad.

yesterday was nice. wish i could hold on to the good stuff longer.

(I think i would also use a seaprate server for redis, looking further)

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anyone has looked into mastodon instance self-hosting, what's load like? specifically application layer, not database, i have a different server for database hosting.

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