Ever since I really kicked transitioning into high gear I haven't much cared about video games. Think it may be a lack of need for escapism

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terfs gonna terf 

considering an alt account also


got a lot of cat snuggles while i was awake though so that was nice

been up since 3:30 am. crazy thunderstorm woke me up and i couldn't get back to sleep.

watched starcraft games when they happened for the first time in 4 years, went to work, thanking my lucky stars i already scheduled a half day today

Huh wow never wrote an introduction on this platform, maybe I should do that at some point

Transition impatience 

still true four months later. Maybe I'll do this


selfie X2 ec 

like, extremely legit thrilled.

(this is me reading a wikipedia article about chemistry)

3 of the remaining requests are Font Awesome webfont stuff, so I might look at ways I can ... not use webfonts at all. Might take some doing considering how I'm using them.

I'm very happy with recent changes to my site. Poked at the theme & worked on some taxonomy stuff, and now I'm down to a baseline of 6 requests per page load (plus one per image on the page). Also added a feature where I can group posts by "series" for my occasional multi-part posts (like the Lambda comment system tutorial).

Next step: dropping Bootstrap in favor of much more lightweight stuff, since I don't need 80% of Bootstrap.

The whole "you can still make a site behave / look nice without a full CSS framework and oodles of JavaScript" thing is still new to me - a learning process. I'll get there.

Maybe a better way to word it is "lots of the things that push my physical dysphoria buttons are the same things that would traditionally be considered prerequisites to passing"? Idk

This is getting translated into a blog post later probably

It's, I think, another example of how, sincerely, Everyone's Journey Is Different. Like, I'm unrepentantly trans on the Internet, I transitioned openly at work and I'm not planning to go anywhere there, heck I went full time including legally literally FOUR MONTHS into HRT, so I'm not hiding shit - but there is still a lot, physically, that I really, really aspire to. Separating the concepts of "passing" and "stealth" from one another, if that makes sense.

Thinking about "passing" in the context of being unambiguously out to everyone, how it's still where i'd like to end up despite it being Problematic In Current Discourse, and how at least for me it seems to be rooted in physical dysphoria and not internalized transphobia

So it turns out that my efforts to distract myself when spiralling result in really high productivity. this is not a good lesson to learn

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