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drugs-adjacent mention 

sometimes this just sounds like the weird late-night philosophical talks you get into with your friends' super-stoned roommate

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hey I think we're almost collective-y today πŸ’œ πŸ’™

prophecy: after the pandemic is over, two nations will rise...
contactcore and distancepunk
they're both gay

it's perfectly fine to want to connect with other people over your trauma and sharing your feelings on social media isn't cringey or annoying 😌

(old) selfies, lots of eye contact, :boosts_ok_gay:​ :flirts_ok:​ 

oh hey found a lot of good selfies from 2019, heckie

(flirting is fine but be nice and not creepy, thank)

-, mh, very slight food mention 

I fucking hate this

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-, mh, very slight food mention 

Love to be stuck in a situation where I'm having a fucking anxiety attack and even say so and still have to be the one to cook dinner

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and lately I'm just not coping with it well at all

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:boosts_ok_gay: Disabled, Queer artist needs help! (e-begging) 

Paypal: DM me for my paypal, it has my deadname, sadly
CashApp: Β£wenom


Hey there! I'm Fennel, and I'm a 22 year old nonbinary lesbian from Scotland!

Recently, I have returned to art and really been throwing myself into it, it's been absolutely amazing and so good for my mental health. Except... my 5+ year old graphics tablet has unfortunately stopped working, which has stopped me from being able to create digital art - which is infinitely more accessible, at the moment, for me than traditional art.

I'm hoping to raise Β£70 for a second-hand tablet (Β£65 for the tablet, and Β£5 for shipping) but really any amount helps push me towards my goal, helps me afford a new tablet, and expidites my return to creating!

I want to be clear: it is not urgent, please, please don't put yourself in any problems! I do need support to get the tablet, but it doesn't need to be *now*.

Boosts help immensely, so thank you for any and all support, it means so much more than I am able to articulate! <3

question, hrt, boofing 

So when boofing progesterone, about how long does it take to absorb?

selfie, eye contact 

Hey fedi peeps! Did you know this girlish entity is gay?

fgs pls cw your weight loss posts, especially if they're about intentional weight loss

My dad threatened to have me committed so I am now homeless and would like to beg for a place to stay for a day or two. I'm being serious. I'm in northern germany.
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