rel (-), transphobia mention 

I just can't help but feel like there might be the slightest twinge of transphobia in her thought process.

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rel (-) 

Oh yay we're back to distressing the partner every time we wear cute summer clothes again :/

social, mh (-) 

Feeling like we've lost all our friends in whatever this funk is :/

mh (-) 

This is the worst executive dysfunction we've ever had. How do we just *do* things?

mh, food-adjacent pandemic mention 

Pretty sure that if not for validation through social media during the panini we'd probably be an entirely-non-functional unkempt junk pile.

Instead we're a hot kempt only-barely-functional junk pile.

@celesteh usually it acts like the person's account doesn't exist and displays the full username

uspol, south carolina, trump, bodily fluids 

"SC Republican files bill to allow Donald Trump to be buried on State House grounds"

We're gonna piss on the Cheeto's grave someday!

tiktok link, eye contact 

For example: a video in which I convey some info about myself

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We thought we saw the phrase "Seven of Nine's Vocal Fry" on here somewhere. Now I realize that is 100% my voice. No, I shall not despair over any unoriginality. She's a badass bitch and so am I. -Mena

food, non-vegan 

oh hi random childhood craving of fried perch from a fish camp where did you come from??

@AudreyJune we downloaded and watched it when you were first talking about it last year. It was so good!

selfie, close-up 

@jenalyze but also like really we just kinda experimented ever since we started transitioning back in 2017. Almost every day we'd at the very least shave and cover up our shadow even if we weren't going out or presenting particularly femme. So there's definitely been a lot of practice.

selfie, close-up 

@jenalyze that could be pretty awesome! We're determined to meet everyone on fedi within at least a 150 mile radius once we can see people again lol

mh (--), family, transphobia, sui 

And there's our uncle and at least one of his kids that are being super transphobic right now and despite knowing we should just block him and never look at his shit again we unblocked him and now we're super dysphoric and keep having waves of just wanting to die.

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