selfie ec, extremely judging look 

Also this is probably worth comparing to the day we got this outfit three years ago. Do you see how doofy this bunch was while I was dormant?

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selfie ec, extremely judging look 

I thoroughly enjoy looking as terrifying as possible while still being "presentable". -Mena

trans timeline, selfies, eye contact 

has it really almost been four years 😬

selfie, eye contact, hrt mention 

We're at 18 months hrt wool!!

extreme close-up face selfie, slightly indrect eye contact, makeup 

I finally found our eyeshadow palettes!

selfie, eye contact 

My hair was so perfect earlier when I was filming this one! I wish it always looked this good.

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selfie, eye contact 

Here, gaze upon our cuteness as a palate cleanser :blobcatpeek:

computer audio weirdness 

Does anyone have any idea why we're suddenly having to plug our earbuds like this to make them work properly?

video selfie, eye contact, audiohazard 

We've seem too much Curious George

webcam selfie vid 

dammit *someone* is going to appreciate my efforts since the people at work won't see it πŸ˜‚

and my dancing eyebrows lol

also I "borrowed" the partner's owl necklace

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