Since we took the time to write this out on a discord server, I guess we ought to post it here too since I don't think we ever officially posted an intro on this new account. Here goes:


introduction, long 

Hi! We're the Alanae, a (likely traumagenic) plural system in a cute transfemmby wrapper. Sometimes we operate cohesively as Alana (she/they, chronologically 38) but a lot of the time we're a bit of a loose collective (there's others but this is likely who you'd hear from on this account):

- Adelia (she/they, 30) is shy, easily overwhelmed, a computer nerd, a futch momlike creature I guess.

- Dani (she, 25), is an excitable bubbly creative catgirl and loves meeting people and making music when she can.

- Mena (she, 20s?) is a badass bitch and will kick the ass of anyone who deserves it (or encourage you to).

- Lane (they/variable pronouns, age ???) is agender, kind of robotic, runs a lot of background system stuff, and tends to show up when things get overwhelming.

- Kade (he/they, 25-ish) is a femboy lifehacker.

We live smack-dab in the middle of South Carolina, which might not be the worst part of South Carolina as far as being any variety of queer is concerned but that's not really saying much :/

Professionally speaking we make administrative software for a university department. We used to say it wasn't challenging enough and then the burnout happened, so that's, uh, something we're dealing with.

We tend to take entirely too many selfies and if you happen to follow us (or someone who does and consistently boosts them) you'd likely see a lot of them lol

Anyways, nice to meet you! 馃挏 馃挋

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