the 馃挏 馃挋 thing, plurality 

Okay since we're on a new account we're gonna explain this here so we can pin it.

On November 1, 2019, Adelia woke up instead of me (Alana) and I was essentially gone for over a year while Adelia and the others did their best to keep things together. Adelia decided that she would continue to use purple as her preferred colour for heart emojis like I had been doing.

In the meantime, Dani split off from Mena and eventually settled on using blue as her heart emoji colour. She also eventually became as frequent a fronter as Adelia and even became de facto host when Adelia became too broken to front anymore.

A little over a year after I disappeared, we finally fixed some issues, and then Adelia and Dani started feeling like they were blending most of the time, so they started using 馃挏 馃挋 as their heart emoji choice. Then Lane, Mena, and Kade started swirling in too, and with that my sense of self came back, and I realised that I'm not a single headmate and I never was. I'm the confluence of all of us, the Delaneys, with Adelia and Dani as the "hearts", and that's why I/we use 馃挏 馃挋 to represent myself/ourself now.

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