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introduction, long 

Hi! We're the Alanae, a (likely traumagenic) plural system in a cute transfemmby wrapper. Sometimes we operate cohesively as Alana (she/they, chronologically 38) but a lot of the time we're a bit of a loose collective (there's others but this is likely who you'd hear from on this account):

- Adelia (she/they, 30) is shy, easily overwhelmed, a computer nerd, a futch momlike creature I guess.

- Dani (she, 25), is an excitable bubbly creative catgirl and loves meeting people and making music when she can.

- Mena (she, 20s?) is a badass bitch and will kick the ass of anyone who deserves it (or encourage you to).

- Lane (they/variable pronouns, age ???) is agender, kind of robotic, runs a lot of background system stuff, and tends to show up when things get overwhelming.

- Kade (he/they, 25-ish) is a femboy lifehacker.

We live smack-dab in the middle of South Carolina, which might not be the worst part of South Carolina as far as being any variety of queer is concerned but that's not really saying much :/

Professionally speaking we make administrative software for a university department. We used to say it wasn't challenging enough and then the burnout happened, so that's, uh, something we're dealing with.

We tend to take entirely too many selfies and if you happen to follow us (or someone who does and consistently boosts them) you'd likely see a lot of them lol

Anyways, nice to meet you! πŸ’œ πŸ’™

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the πŸ’œ πŸ’™ thing, plurality 

Okay since we're on a new account we're gonna explain this here so we can pin it.

On November 1, 2019, Adelia woke up instead of me (Alana) and I was essentially gone for over a year while Adelia and the others did their best to keep things together. Adelia decided that she would continue to use purple as her preferred colour for heart emojis like I had been doing.

In the meantime, Dani split off from Mena and eventually settled on using blue as her heart emoji colour. She also eventually became as frequent a fronter as Adelia and even became de facto host when Adelia became too broken to front anymore.

A little over a year after I disappeared, we finally fixed some issues, and then Adelia and Dani started feeling like they were blending most of the time, so they started using πŸ’œ πŸ’™ as their heart emoji choice. Then Lane, Mena, and Kade started swirling in too, and with that my sense of self came back, and I realised that I'm not a single headmate and I never was. I'm the confluence of all of us, the Delaneys, with Adelia and Dani as the "hearts", and that's why I/we use πŸ’œ πŸ’™ to represent myself/ourself now.

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our plurality and first-person pronouns 

We, as Alana, when we're feeling more cohesive, will use "I". Otherwise we'll use "we". Sometimes individuals will talk and use "I" and they may or may not sign their posts.

Basically what we're saying here is: Here there be pronoun fuckery. You've been warned.

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"Darn tootin'" is a saying that is egregiously underused on here

Did I create a list with just two people on it? Sure!

Did we make one that only had members of one plural system at one point? Totally!

Do we have one that syncs regularly so it has our current mutuals? Yup.

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Mastodon lists: awkwardly executed but extremely useful

Friendly reminder: productivity is not a virtue. Slow down, your body will thank you.


we have finally gotten our taxes filed. This is the biggest pain the ass it has ever been, for various reasons.

can't I just get paid to make the cishets uncomfortable. Invite me to your business conferences to follow your CEO around and repeatedly ask what they mean by "normal pronouns" and insult their ability to innovate in business if they can't even come up with their own gender

Selfie, eye contact 

Color outside the lines.

Can I call this #FineFemmeFriday ? Whose going to stop me? Happy Friday friends.

old-school drm, deep dive, lol 

Currently reading about a DRM scandal from 2005.

Sony used a form of DRM called Extended Copy Protection (XCP) on their audio CDs for a while, but users quickly became outraged when it was discovered to install a rootkit onto any computer that tried to play those CDs. This was obviously a Very Bad Thing.

Sony initially denied that the rootkit was harmful, and supplied an uninstaller for download. This uninstaller, however, didn't actually remove the rootkit, and instead installed even more software that you couldn't uninstall, and even added a backdoor into your system! And to add insult to injury, you had to provide an email address to download the thing, which almost certainly added you to a marketing email list.

Eventually, Sony recalled about 10% of the affected CDs, settled a handful of class-action lawsuits, and discontinued the DRM program in 2007.

The best part? Apparently this DRM could be entirely bypassed by drawing on the outer rim of the CD with marker.

Gonna do audio jitsi in a little bit. It's been a day and I would like company if you want to join.

on the one hand there is definitely a lot to be said about the patriarchy & male gaze affecting women's self-image - but if your first reaction to me dressing in a way I personally find hot is to bring up how the male gaze might be affecting my choices then i think youve got there a you problem. In particular if you're hyper-analyzing my choiced in a way you wouldn't for a not-woman then that's like, also misogyny!

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