consolidate all the trans girls in one city for my own selfish benefit

@autumn oh yeah when I say warmth I definitely mean the absence of cold rather than the armpit-like conditions that plague most of the south

selfie-ish, eye contact, mess 

@ak on here the memes evolve and combine so quickly and then die out and I usually catch them halfway through when the original is just lost to the annals of time

I honestly have no idea what these memes are sometimes.

work, coming out 

bot-generated text, probably lewd 

misgendering, med, but + 

I can't hear "but don't take my word for it" without thinking of Reading Rainbow and hearing and/or singing "badum bum".

I can't believe there was a time in my life when I hated warmth.

Someday I would love to not be cold in my own house.

re: bot-generated text, probably lewd 

re: bot-generated text, probably lewd 

sentencemaker really put out some bangers over the weekend.

bot-generated text, probably lewd 

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