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@porsupah just trying to figure out if there should be, like, a focus for each account

Y'all we can't decide whether to keep our instance or trash it and come back here! We really like the local TL here tho >_<


these are the ones that stick out

- local-only posting (not particularly useful for a "single user" instance but good otherwise)

- cws fold media into them

- markdown/html (which we didn't find particularly useful since only other instances that had it could see it)

- the option to see who posted a filtered toot and which filter was tripped and look anyway

- a little doodling pad to attach drawings (a la ms paint)

Hey we moved! Remember to check your follow requests!

@Maple It's your account. You can post about whatever you want!


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@Maple A: It wouldn't be annoying! It would be you talking about something you're passionate about, and that's really cool!


LB appropriate to last toot and the reason I call it a firehose.

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A: okay I've pared down the follow(er) lists somewhat and I feel generally less terrible about doing this whole follower migration thing. Maybe I'll do it sooner?

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