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selfies, eye contact, 1 year comparison 

A year ago and today. I don't even know how to make that face anymore apparently.

selfie, eye contact, boosts+ 

Perhaps qualifying for this week maybe

selfie, eye contact 

"come on Addie look cute look cute look cute wait oh no that guy's walking back there did he see us trying to take a selfie oh no oh shit fuck"

selfies, eye contact, yay clothes 

As you can see, we did not go with frumpytown shirt. Also only one person saw us wear this one in Thursday so we can get away with wearing it so soon after.

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selfies, eye contact, meh clothes 

More raiding of the closet for things we got from Old Navy clearance that probably should have stayed there.

We really don't know about this one. It makes us look like mayor of frumpytown.

re: selfie, eye contact, ootd 

I like the swishy sound this skirt makes.

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selfie, eye contact, ootd 

I own a lot of flowery things and I'm not even sure if it's entirely my aesthetic but it always looks really nice so maybe?

selfie, eye contact, work jitters 

Wearing this to work.

Oh god what are we getting ourselves into?

new year's 2009 vs 2019, group pic, selfie, eye contact 

Ten years later I'm inadvertently wearing the same colour shirt.

The decade started out with a gay joke and ended with me being gay.

selfie, eye contact 

I think I like doing my hair like this. Credit goes to Mena for figuring that one out.

family, gender stuff, selfie, eye contact 

(quick bathroom post)

Seems decent so far. Everyone pronounces my name the right way. Stumbled over some relational terms that I haven't had occasion to use often ("I'm Tony's br-sister").

Not used to taking bathroom selfies.

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This came up in a Facebook memory. Missing my band again 😢

(That's me in the background hiding from everyone as usual)

coming out, work, proposed revision, sweet ally 

This is really sweet!

And also I have questions about what was actually sent out. The multiple instances of the phrase "on-sight work" have me concerned:

"Hi Alana!
So, as you may remember, we’re on the same floor at <redacted>. Those of us that work on the 4th floor received an email, last week, regarding you and your return to on-sight work. The email itself gave me some mixed emotions (not re you), but most of all, it has spurred me to action.
I’m sending you this because I need you to know that I AM your ally. If you need anything at all, I will be there for you without question. I will be your bathroom buddy, your sounding board (I have access to rooms....), anything you may need to make this transition into on-sight work as bearable as possible.
My number is <redacted>. Please don’t hesitate to call or feel that you’re alone in this. I know that I am cis and I may not fully understand the depths of everything you’re working through, but I’m here."

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selfie, eye contact 

Have a weird selfie from last night because why not?

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