selfies, eye contact, hrt timeline, 0 vs 9 months 

I guess some things are different?

selfie, eye contact 

LA: okay here’s one where we’re more awake and marginally cuter

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selfie, eye contact 

A: Doing shit at the mother-in-law’s house

selfie, eye contact 

LA: “Another selfie?”

“In my timeline?”

It’s more likely than you think!

selfie, eye contact, appearance (-), request for validation 

A: I feel like a useless ugly lump of a human being. Can I query the fediverse selfie validation API?

amazon, package drama 

WTF amazon?

And why is the default behavior to cancel the order rather than send a new shipment?

selfie ec 

I’m ducking adorable this morning duck you

selfie, eye contact, cats 

We’re covered in cats halp

selfie, eye contact, voting mention 

One of us voted I guess

screenshot of profile pics, pixelated eye contact 

An amusing screenshot I got last night of the holy trinity:

The flirt, the ghost, and the monster

selfie, eye contact 

Welp at least I can take decent mirror selfies here

hrt, selfie comparison, eye contact 

Five months (now is first, August 2019 is second)

Meh I can't really tell if anything is really different. At least other things are happening, I guess.

selfie, eye contact 

This is my "what are we still doing here?" look.

selfie, eye contact 


In my timeline?

It's more likely than you think.

selfie, no face, ootd 

I've taken pictures of this exact same outfit before, but I just like how I look in this picture.

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