@alana_is_tooting BTW, what are the attractions of glitchsoc? Someday, I'd like to collate a summary of the various forks, and in particular, the features they've added or extended vs mainline - as far as I know, there's no such summary anywhere.



these are the ones that stick out

- local-only posting (not particularly useful for a "single user" instance but good otherwise)

- cws fold media into them

- markdown/html (which we didn't find particularly useful since only other instances that had it could see it)

- the option to see who posted a filtered toot and which filter was tripped and look anyway

- a little doodling pad to attach drawings (a la ms paint)

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@alana_is_tooting Huh! Nice. Local-only makes a lot of sense, ideally not used too often - things like polls only relevant to the instance seem potentially useful, f'rex. And yes, it seems a bit silly for CWs to not tuck the media preview away as well. And gods know, though thankfully my filter terms are triggered rarely, it would be nice to have the /option/, rather than that singularly unhelpful "filtered". (Indeed, even just some kind of summary on the filters page would be helpful, perhaps showing when each term was last encountered, and how often in the past month)

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