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Y'all we can't decide whether to keep our instance or trash it and come back here! We really like the local TL here tho >_<

Hey we moved! Remember to check your follow requests!


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LB appropriate to last toot and the reason I call it a firehose.

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A: okay I've pared down the follow(er) lists somewhat and I feel generally less terrible about doing this whole follower migration thing. Maybe I'll do it sooner?

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selfie, eye contact 

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Oh, hey. It's every conversation with the white moderate summed up in a few panels.

Postponing our eventual move to @the for a little while. It is happening though.

really digging how those "wash your hands" lyric posts just take the lyric sheet from the song and put it in one line per step, without considering the amount of time that song actually spends getting through those lyrics vs. the twenty-second benchmark for hand washing

this poster, for example, will get your hands clean in only Three And A Half Minutes

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