sister-in-law: it's going to be cold with furries tomorrow, er, flurries

brother-in-law: they don't usually come out until it's warmer

me: I don't know, those fursuits look kinda hot

partner: *gives funny look*

me: I mean temperature-wise!

re: selfie, eye contact 

selfie, eye contact 

Selfie eye contact, food/meat mention 

(Everyone else in the Gayhold is currently sitting in the living room, playing Stardew Valley on their respective devices.)

roommate: Does anybody know what I need to build a chest?
me: Progesterone.

selfie, ec 

We've been in Boone for two days and no one has sir'd us once. It's been nice in that aspect.

beverage, caffeine 

Wait at what point do people just start thinking I'm an owl furry?

Lol maybe I should take this one iteration further and change it to Hootenaddie

This toot brought to you by making eye contact with a gender-ambiguous cutie in the hotel lobby last night.

I think I'm finally giving off a visible queer vibe and people (other queer folx) are noticing. I like it.

Queer update: I'm deliciously queer, basically all the time.

travel, dysphoria fuel 

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