selfies, eye contact, hrt timeline, 0 vs 9 months 

I guess some things are different?

masto ux question 

has anyone used userstyles to make the vanilla mastodon frontend more like that of glitchsoc's? I think our biggest peeve at the moment is column widths, but if there are other things too that would be a huge bonus

Y'all we can't decide whether to keep our instance or trash it and come back here! We really like the local TL here tho >_<

Hey we moved! Remember to check your follow requests!


A: (never mind that the Free Times horoscope from the week of the solar eclipse in 2017 was at least partially responsible for our decision to transition)

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A: We've always been extremely sceptical of horoscopes and stuff but this one app has been incredibly spot-on about what's going on and it's been weeeird.

LB appropriate to last toot and the reason I call it a firehose.

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A: okay I've pared down the follow(er) lists somewhat and I feel generally less terrible about doing this whole follower migration thing. Maybe I'll do it sooner?

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covid-19, university 

A: I'm glad the university where we work is being less assholish than other schools in their shutdown considerations. They extended spring break for a week and then all classes will be online for a week after that. Students can stay on-campus during that time (apart from the originally-planned spring break, I think).

selfie, eye contact 

LA: okay here’s one where we’re more awake and marginally cuter

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Postponing our eventual move to @the for a little while. It is happening though.

really digging how those "wash your hands" lyric posts just take the lyric sheet from the song and put it in one line per step, without considering the amount of time that song actually spends getting through those lyrics vs. the twenty-second benchmark for hand washing

this poster, for example, will get your hands clean in only Three And A Half Minutes

covid-19 & toilet humour adjacent, boobs, a little lewd, maybe cursed tbh 

The store’s out of charmin, you say? Hmm, just squeeze my boobs instead!

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