This is random. Apparently the world heavyweight boxing champion, Deontay Wilder, was in our small town last night opening a new restaurant. This place is full of surprises.



Technical, zzz 

Technical, zzz 

I don't think I want to know what's going on on here tonight.

GCSE results day! If you believe the photos in the papers, only girls sat their exams this year. Where were the boys? Did we quietly send them all to the army?

Listening to an incredibly dull interview on the radio. Not even listening, it's just droning away to itself.

"And what song would you like playing?"
"I really, er, like Sandstorm by Da Rude."

Oh. Okay. Bangin' dance at 10am on a Thursday, no objection there. It woke me up after the awful interview.

I can hear seagulls outside. I know the sea levels are rising, I just didn't think they were rising quite that fast.

This morning's phone-in on the radio was about "should we combat internet trolling by requiring ID and real names to sign up to social media?".

That sounds like a great way to keep trans people off social media.

Gross, don't even open 

I unfollow drunk posters and follow them again when they've sobered up in the morning.

It's nothing personal in the slightest, I just don't have the brain space for drunken/high ramblings, I sit there struggling to figure out what's being said and if it's sincere or just substance fuelled.

Football, transphobia 

Political anxiety 

Today's phone-in topic on the radio: "Are vaccines harmful to your kids? What do you think? Call in now!"

Really? You're going to let any old idiot call in with their views on this?

On the radio, in the year of our lord 2019: B*Witched. Yes, really.

Computer help needed, Debian 

Found a free way of listening to legendary radio station KPIG (Freedom, California) which charges for streaming access. Rock and roll, country, Americana and blues with real life presenters.

Not saying here how to do it, because it's a bit of a hack and it's limited in the number of people who can do it, but if you're really desperate to know then just ask.

On the radio: "Get paid to travel the world and play sport. Join the army."

I'm... pretty sure that's not what the army is for.

Fun article in today's Times about the number of pirate radio stations operating in Dublin. I was there recently and can confirm, there are an awful lot of pirate radio stations.

The Irish authorities aren't nearly as interested as the UK authorities in closing them down - Ireland has a long tradition of "unofficial" radio.

The article is paywalled, so here it is on a PasteBin page.

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