"Hi, Corwen. Looking forward to sitting with you and not have sex." why did i even bother with tinder

Two minutes after being called into work, I am, zzz, suddenly overcome, zzzzzzzz, with a huge wave of sleepiness zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pleased that my sleep schedule has reached some sort of normalcy. At least until I work the overnight shift again.

Customer 1: so many people are cranky today, I think it's because of the movements of the moon
Me: um
Customer 2: that's silly. It's because of the sin people hold in their hearts
Me: um

Hello! You can call me Corwen. I'm 27, homoromantic asexual (i think, the ace part is something I'm still figuring out) and perpetually sleepy.

I like video games, my friends, and a variety of other things probably!

That's probably a good starting point, looking forward to talking with you!


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