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re lewd 

@MinecraftSigns holy shit holy fuck oh my fucking god I am shaking and crying

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got a package coming today but also it says it's still in Nevada and it's past noon
pleeeeeease get here instead of leaving me with false yet suspicious hope

@robotcarsley wowwww ouch.
I'm simultaneously surprised and not surprised at all.

I find it very amusing that these days it's seen as a bit gormless and tacky to do a GoFundMe for fun nonsense, because it's widely accepted that GoFundMe is where people go to get, y'know, rent money, and healthcare, because this is hell.
the creators of this site probably didn't expect to become the American health care system and expected *only* the fun nonsense, but here we are

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@V "when education is not liberating it is the dream of the oppressed to become the oppressor"

NFTs are clearly a direct response to a modern world in which it's rare for anyone to actually *own* anything, instead renting/streaming it all from five companies

so, of course, instead of taking the message from this that we're living in a fucking serfdom and that's not okay

these bros are just like "well *I* wanna own things so I'm gonna set up a system where a lot of people lie to me about how much I own this monkey to make me feel better"

seems like 90% of what techbros do is respond poorly to how hellish the world is by creating a magical illusory internety alternative to everything

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i appreciate that in the Broken Masquerade SCP canon, in which the Foundation isn't a secret, it's common practice among other agencies to pretend their problems are in some way anomalous so that the Foundation will sort it all out for them.
that's some quality real life level assholery.

even if it all sucks, I gotta do something about it, y'know?

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because if i never find a way to solidly output musical creative energy, i will jskxvhdosks svshxj

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This time I'm gonna actually properly learn an instrument and keep trying even when it's especially difficult.
i'm not gonna let my brain put me off it like the other times x.x

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it's cool how hedgehogs just exist. they're kinda like pigeons in that aspect.

my only hope is that it'll later be revealed that The Division is called that because it's A Division of the Celestial Intervention Agency. it would make so much sense cmon

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i kinda really dig how the Timeless Child twist is like three other obscure aspects of canon went through a blender
a touch of zigzagged Lungbarrow,
a rework of the 2½th Doctor theory
and the Celestial Intervention Agency except with a different name
The Research was clearly done.

@MmeLibertine Unfathomable. It's a hidden traitor board game where everyone plays a character on a 1913 cruise ship, except some of you are secretly trying to sink the ship as a sacrifice to Dagon.

Lol nice, this Lovecraft mythos board game has multiple people of color, multiple disabled people, a non-binary person, and more women than men.
I love when us marginalized nerds decide "it's okay if we use his universe as long as we also make sure that we make him roll in his fucking grave"

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@V capitalists think of their freedoms in the sense of owning things. Most people think that owning a business means you can run it however you please, but the pitfall of that logic is that they also think of the workers within that business as property of the capitalist.

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