when rich people say they don't want UBI, the funny thing is that they already get very robust UBI, we just only give UBI to rich people and call it bank interest and stock management.

I've known rich people, even the average among them get way more money than the wage of any job I'll ever achieve, for free, constantly, just *because* they're already rich.

like, I feel like most people don't realize this, and think "well they still have to work or they use all the money up, no matter how much money it is."

but, like, no. That's not true. Banks pay them to exist. They do not ever need to work and largely don't work.

@V "Umm yeah but what you don't understand is that when a millionaire is making 1% interest and you also make 1% interest that's basically the same qed"

@V not only but when they want to buy big things like mansions and yachts, it's for free essentially bc about any bank on the planet is willing to give them credit for whatever they want basically, so they never need to liquidate any assets

so effectively billionaires have infinite money yup. banks pay them for owning the people the companies that employ people who actually work

@zens @V That thread and this one are so good.
I think the only thing this misses is it's not just that billionaires have UBI, they also get socialised community planning! If a government is thinking about building something they go around asking them what they want!

I also have arguments against UBI, but those are more about where it transfers our financial independence to, said stuff is implementation though, not about whether it should be done at all.

@V it's even worse: ordinary people don't want UBI, because then you have to pay those 2000€ (?) to billionaires too, and that would be unfair!
Effectively denying millions of poor people a decent life because you don't want to waste money on a few hundred insanely rich. I mean, wtf 😒

@V And then there are those rich people who want UBI but it’s not the UBI you likely have in mind. Scrap universal healthcare and any other form of social safety net and every rich person out there will back UBI. Basically, they’ll only support something if it makes everyone else worse off (and thus more dependent on them). So we have to be very careful how we define UBI (as guaranteed income *in addition to* universal healthcare and a social safety net, not as something to replace them).

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