Sky: Children of the Light is a very, very good game. They've actually managed to make an MMO with zero toxicity, and it turns out that all along, there was a trick to it. Simply make the game absolutely, stunningly beautiful, make the gameplay non-violent and focused on simple childhood joys like racing and hide and seek, and make it so that you literally cannot talk to anyone until you become friends - the early relationship is always purely in vibes, honks and emotes. It works, amazingly.

There are way more women and LGBT people in Sky than any other MMO, too, by the looks of it.

Something tells me that the idea of a game where you aren't allowed to say The Gamer Word to someone until *after* you've unlocked holding hands and hugging them is anathema to the sorts of people who scare us off from gaming in the first place.

"ur gay"
"bruh you literally swept me into a loving embrace right before this and we're both dudes. you have no power here. now do you wanna hold my hand in this rainy forest to keep your energy recharged or not."

@V Oooh! That's *really* good to hear. I recall that Apple keynote presentation looking very promising. Not sure how likely I am to try it, though, being as per my screen name, but I'd like to at least poke my snout in. ^_^

@porsupah That's the nice thing - it's a great place to be shy. You have to be very deliberate about earning the ability to talk to someone, since it costs a currency and can be turned down, and there aren't usernames - you just tag other players with nicknames, if they let you. So, you can easily do content silently with someone without giving each other nicknames, and then leave, and you don't have to worry about social ramifications because they won't know it's you if they see you again! 😜

@porsupah which, y'know, putting it that way, sounds mischievous, but, you know what I mean. Freedom from *forced* socializing is really valuable imo.

@V Now *that* really is appealing! Surprisingly novel, too. Okay, maybe I'll give it a try sometime. ^_^

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