people are always like "wow, my social network of choice is total garbage and getting worse every day! I want to leave and go somewhere better! And No I Will Not Join Mastodon Stop Asking."

like...?? what? Why is it that there's this innate disinterest in trying Mastodon, from everyone, to the point that they dismiss the very idea as silly? they know that they can make their own Instances and defederate from all of us who are already here, if we're the problem, right? They'd get to have their own version of Twitter with any community balance they want. What keeps them away when their experience can be however they want it to be? What reasons are left?

@V A non-trivial part of it is not wanting to be responsible for managing a community. It's exhausting, thankless, and often dangerous.

The other part is I think some people just get more out of feeling powerless than they do from feeling empowered

@V people generally dont understand how mastodon works and also they cant get clout here

@V Will say that (based on the experience of my human'sona) it seems harder to get a group to hang out with here than on Birdsite. That's likely a matter of size, that you're more likely to already have a couple friends on Birdsite.

But deliberate choices like the limited searchability of most instances does make it harder to find, oh, where *are* the pinball players hanging out? So I understand feeling like this is too much work for the fun involved.

@Austin_Dern @V The thing is people drastically underutilize hashtags, which would otherwise be the best way to connect with people on different servers. You want pinball? Post hashtag pinball. Hashtags seem to be this ridiculous lost art here when they're a standard feature of all modern social media.

@bluestarultor @Austin_Dern @V It’s a shame hashtags don’t federate, in the sense that even if you track a hashtag (in Mastodon’s advanced ui), the list still only shows those posts that somehow have ended up on your server by other means. Especially on small servers this makes hashtags less useful.

@gidi @Austin_Dern @V It does, however, facilitate an expanding pool. Hashtags are an investment in a way. They can get you out to other people through connections and are something you can check regularly.

Mastodon is what you build yourself. You can find a server and never look outside of it, or you can use it as a starting point to branch out. Hashtags are one of the best ways to cross server boundaries because they don't rely directly on your follows.

@V I boosted this and was immediately like "Wait, why am I boosting this if only people who are already on Masto will see it?" so that's why you got a notification and then lost it, in case you saw that.
I don't know. Not knowing where to start, I guess. I've managed to invite plenty of people onto Masto; 99 % of them make an account, make 0-1 posts, and then never log in again. It all seems scary and different somehow, with all its federation and instances, and I suppose the way I explain it to people doesn't help.
I haven't encountered any people thinking Mastodon is uncool. Hell, the only ones who complain about Twitter to me these days are those that have it alongside Masto. So I'm perhaps not entirely familiar with your experiences.

@V Maybe you under-estimate how much people need to do to create an instance. Muggles would have *no* chance. I'm "technical" and *I* would have no chance.

So select an existing instance?

Which one? Where are my friends? Why is there no one here? How do I find people? How do I use this new "thing"?

Fuck it, I'm going back to the other cesspit ... at least it's easy to use, and my friends are all there.

Berating people for not dong the work will never convince them to switch.

@V What they really mean is "I wish this thing were different." They are expressing this in the form of an escapist fantasy. Joining Mastodon won't relieve them of their previous social network obligations, so it becomes One More Damn Thing no matter how nice it is.

@V twitter or masto's twitter-with-fewer-egregious-misfeatures isn't a great fit for every community/social network model.

contrast fedi with, say, a community built around a discord server. discord communities can be a lot more tightly focused and clearly moderated; people are expected to not live their entire social media life in that one server. a new member doesn't have to find all the other community members to follow on their own. &c. &c.

@V I'd say they're not *really* looking for an alternative, they just want to complain about theor social network and keep using it. And on the other hand Mastodon users are very enthusiastic and quick to suggest you join their network, even unsolicited, which can be a bother.

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