okay why have i not run into any other fans of Kipo
it seems like this big animation renaissance fansphere totally skipped over one of the best ones we've had in years ??

i mean i initially skipped over it myself, i watched the first five minutes and wasn't immediately captivated so i stopped
Is it really that these days there's so much Content out there that none of us give things that don't look immediately amazing a chance
that may be it

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@V I saw season 1 and loved it but it's really hard for me to watch things so I haven't seen 2 yet

@V it seemed pretty popular on here when it was new

@marie_joseph i would say so, it made me Feel A Lot Of Things, and the style it has going on is just top notch.
Like, music runs through its veins stronger than most series, and unlike most that use the music in a sort of stage production way, where characters stop what they're doing and sing, it instead just has really good energetic modern choices of background music and all the characters seem to care a lot about music in natural ways, which works really well in a way I've never seen before.
The music and culture displayed also highlights how the cast is primarily non-white and doesn't play it safe pretending to be otherwise, which, like, it didn't even occur to me until late S1, but late S1 is the first time we see a white person? Our protags are black, black, afro-asian, and two cartoon mutants, lol, and it's so goddamn refreshing. The only big blossoming romance subplot is a gay one, too, which is nice. It's always a plus in my book when a cartoon immerses me in different perspectives like that.
It's also just got a really good underlying message of total acceptance and love with no exceptions, and a big focus on found family, which, I mean, what queer person isn't a sucker for wholesome found family cartoons? It manages all of that positivity without being overly naive or cheesy, either.
Season 1 is slow, is one downside. Mostly world building and early character building on a quest across the post-apocalypse. Still good though because the world rocks.

@V I really love Kipo, actually *waves*

I wasn't sure until the singing started
And she's just so sincere
And the whole thing is just so cool and heartfelt

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