BMI | Dieting Culture | FatPhobia 

Reminder that BMI is a bullshit standard invented by a white supremacist who thinks phrenology is real, and continues to be pushed because the people responsible for directing the weight standards with BMI are directors of diet clinics.

So remember, fatphobia isn't just wrong, it's fascist. It tears down your self esteem by dehumanizing you and then profits from the induced insecurity.

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BMI | Dieting Culture | FatPhobia 

@FreyaManibrandr not to mention it literally doesn't even work 99% of the time.
people with prominently visible ribs will be classed as obese just because they have like, large breasts, or dense bone structures. The number fundamentally has nothing to do with anything.

re: BMI | Dieting Culture | FatPhobia 

@V It is a fundamentally broken system designed to hurt people and emotionally extort money from them.

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