Pokémon RSE was clearly made by people who understood that their game series had become the topic of awed discussion at playgrounds everywhere, and the results are damn beautiful.

This gen is just overflowing with content and secrets that encourage you to talk to all your friends and figure it all out together. The Trick House, Secret Bases, a contest system with imperfect information on its mechanics provided, the lottery, feebas being hidden in a really specific strip of water, the Regis all hidden behind puzzles in fuckin *braille*, etc. I swear it's like they said "let's make something like Mew Under The Truck Near The St. Anne be true this time, and then also do similar things another dozen times everywhere". They clearly had so much fun doing it, too.

It's why it'll always be my favorite gen.

@V Honestly I really miss how the series used to have a lot more side content, especially since it just makes the world feel more *alive* when there's more to the world than just battling through the story

I wish they'd take more time with each game so that they wouldn't have to cut back on certain parts of the game like this

I do like the newer games, but I feel like they'd be a lot better if they had more development time

@V you put into words a feeling I did not know how to express, thanks.

@V ....huh

I've never, like, Noticed this before, but I've definitely felt it, you're right

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