i've read enough fics to know where this is going

@V this sounds like the intro to a very specific kind of visual novel

@V men are probably more susceptible to the virus for toxic masculinity reasons rather than biological reasons

but still, let's go. force femming to ward off the plague. let's do this

@00dani @V but would that work at all

wouldn't they still be men, since hormones don't determine your gender?

@ben @V i mean yeah probably

the fanfic thing v is alluding to is just force femming as plausible deniability? for trans girls who haven't quite accepted themselves yet? which would imply they girls

@00dani @V trying to think of what the equivalent of a character saying "we really are The Last of Us" would be for force-femming

@V might be true but death is a preferable alternative to being bored so

@V Fucking finally, god had to wait long enough

@V tbh is it possible that men are more vulnerable because they statistically wash their hands less, rather than for any biological reason

@behold3r @00dani @V it's because in hunter-gatherer times, men had to go out hunting, and so it was an advantage to have bacteria-infested hands (toxic type damage), whereas women had to do cooking, and therefore had to wahsdflkjlfkjd i can't i'm sorry i just can't


@shoofle @behold3r @00dani @V the actual reason is probably that men are more likely to be conservative, and thus, more likely to believe that the virus is "just a hoax," and not taking any precautions as a result.

@V Where can I get this treatment

I swear it's just to be safer from the virus

@V as a man, i think that's an awesome idea. please give me estrogen. for purposes of fighting covid-19.

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