my partner stumbled on this and I've been thinking about it ever since

@V I suppose you could say this post doesn't account for cultural bias, in the way of how likely those people are to appear in a given situation. For example, your american action hero is more likely to be white, christian and able-bodied, due to the nature of their work and the demographics of america.

Likewise in an american political drama it would be most likely that characters would be white men who at least present as cis het christians, due to the demographics of the white house

@V Same for characters in a cop show, or a drama about rich people or business execs, or famous celebs or... uh

I feel like these all are very cishet white christian and largely male groups for some reason. weird that

@Yza @V the big question is whether you're going for "historical accuracy" or if it's a story you invented. While it may make technical sense that The Simpsons is about 80% white much like many American cities named Springfield, the real question is why 5% of our popular cartoons aren't about Asian-Americans, why 17% aren't centered around the Latino experience, etc. (Arguably it's gotten much better since the 90s but still, Bob's Burgers and American Dad is sooooo white)

@Yza @V and yeah when it comes to fantasy I really really want "Skyrim except precolonial Uganda, Lord of the Rings except Samoan" with culturally/morally informed plots and characters and writers. I've explored what it's like to be a Nord pretty dang well by now.

@Yza @V H
Yea, there's huge interdependence on these variables all right. "White" people are almost all Christian or Atheist. Neurodiversity is linked to gender or sexuality diversity, implying a (mild?) negative bias among "neurotypical" folks. Some disabilities (esp acquired) are more common among disadvantaged folks so disabilities are maybe simply less common among privileged "White" populations, etc.
But it is fun to look at it like this. Even the odds of being a non-POC!

@V hmmm...

Not all of your variables are independent. For instance, only 11% of people globally might identify as white, but the percentage of white-identifying people who are Christian is very likely greater than the global percentage of Christians.

Which is not to say that a person who ticks all those boxes is not a global minority, but it's not as small a percentage as calculated.

@V Counter-point in the case of fiction, the survivor bias would increase the likelihood someone combining these traits would go on tale-worthy adventures based on a variety of privileges.

@hypolite @V on the other hand, the standard ‘heroes journey’ plot requires some form of challenge to overcome/personal adversity so being too privileged arguably reduces your chances of getting an adventure

@hypolite @Satsuma @V In general yes but "your daughter/romatic interest/town/country is in danger" has proven to be a neverending challenge for fictional white dudes.

@V Many of those variables aren't independent so the percentage is probably higher but on the other hand I imagine many of those are high estimates.

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