I highly recommend Seedship, a free narrative browser roguelike optimized for all display types. Basically, there's no way you don't have the ability to play it, it'll run perfectly resized and optimized on the touchscreen of your smart refrigerator. And it's excellent.

The conceit is that you're an AI who cares for humanity over millions of years, their frozen bodies resting in your hull as you fly through space, trying desperately to find them a new planet. The gameplay is interesting, and delivers on great zen roguelike, but even better is the story and difficult moral decisions.

You're out of probes. Do you land here permanently, not knowing if there's a local population who might try to kill you all?
The sea here is boiling. The air is humid and unpleasant. Otherwise, it's lovely... is a constant medium level of discomfort whenever they're outside an okay thing to subject these humans to? What if you pass up this chance and never find anything better? It would be all your fault.
You have some free time between stars. Do you run diagnostics... or do you read through the humans' stored cultural database, and maybe try to learn how to write poetry? Will they appreciate your cold, mechanical prose? Even if they don't, is it okay for you to just do this one thing for yourself? You deserve it.

Try it. See if you can beat my high score. Bet you can't make your humans happier than my humans 😚

Pros: Basically an excellent planet all around.
Cons: Capitalism got here before us (~_~;)

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ha, my colonists had enough material wealth provided by the environment to share freely among themselves, and they created their own post-scarcity nation of equality, neighboring the capitalists.

they have great political relations... i feel kinda bad that my people didn't try to tear down the capitalists and instead interact with them with no conflict. but maybe that's okay because we are basically colonizers so they don't owe a society of equality to us, and a lack of conflict *is* good? But also equality is good and I'm sure the lower class citizens of this alien society would probably like it??

i'm just gonna leave these humans to sort themselves out and deactivate myself. Or maybe get back to that poetry.

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Posting my score for the "everything is great but we have to talk to capitalists" run, I got 11906 🙂

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Just did a really heart-wrenching run where I was set upon by multiple horrible threats - including the one that broke me, a virus that overwrote our cultural database to change all of our knowledge of religion to a highly specific cult that had written the virus back on Earth. Even the AI lost any knowledge of what came before, and remarked that it will be happy to spread the One True Faith when they find a place to call home.
I cried a little.
I tried to find a planet that would have a pre-existing alien society we could be subsumed by, because I didn't want the cult to spread. In the end, I went as far as I could, found an okay planet... then everyone died, as a result of a rocky landing and low gravity.
I felt sick. I had to watch humanity die twice, once in mind and then in body.
It was an experience I think I'll remember for a long while.

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@V Managed 11204 with an Atomic age, totally enlightened society on an ocean planet! Aside from the oceans, everything was perfect :)

@LilyVers @V i stopped early for alien tech on a freezer world and pulled a mere 9047

@xenofem @V First score was 9906, found a beautiful planet wth no resources and low gravity but with everything else favourable. My colonists achieved some sort of incredible enlightenment. Well, I love this game so far

@xenofem @V correction: was only 9600. Still pretty good for a first attempt!

@LilyVers @V Second playthrough: compromised too much on the planet, 75% of the colonists died during settlement construction and we wound up with an industrial slave empire, 6318 points
@LilyVers @V third: lovely planet aside from the dangerous ruins (guess it wasn't a place of honor), scientific database in good condition, but shit I really need to protect the cultural database way better. Information Age Dystopian Police State (how far-fetched!), 7455 points

@LilyVers @V fourth, probably last one for tonight:

guarded the heck out of the cultural database and picked up some tidbits from alien space probes along the way
shot a stowaway dictator out the airlock
used up all my surface probes but found a planet that looked pretty nice on the scans
turned out there were natives who the colonists wound up enslaving
only enough resources for medieval tech, but they did a Cosmic Enlightenment and built a pretty utopian society aside from, y’know, the fucking colonialist slavery, c’mon I expected better from you people, I didn’t kill Space Hitler for this shit
oh yikes, if they built monuments to everyone who didn’t survive the journey, does that mean there’s a monument to Space Hitler? Goddammit :blobcatnotlikethis:

8790 points

@V ooh, this one's good

we found a world that was pretty great except for a marginal atmosphere and being incredibly ugly... and also it had a planet-spanning industrial civilization! so we pled for asylum, gave them our technology, and everything turned out better than expected

@V Seedship really does create some genuinely affecting stories. I try to get strategic about it but my skin still crawls everytime my charges "win" by being subsumed into an idyllic yet illusory alien zoo.

@V Thank you. I just had a very short jaunt which led to my colonists being absorbed like a refugee camp into an oppressive paleo theocracy. The tech boosted them into the bronze age.

Most of them survived, but this feels true-to-life in the most unpleasant possible way.

@V first try was 9781. this one's main downfall was resources, but thankfully didnt suffer too many losses in the journey.

Spoiler for a somewhat rare event, among other thoughts 

@V First try score was 10,940. After a long journey, I found a dyson sphere with a vastly superior intelligence inhabiting it. They ended up disassembling us and recreating us in a pretty much perfect tailor made system with a beautiful planet. Downside: It's all a simulation, but my colonists lived rich lives of art and leisure and never discovered the truth.

@V 10429 - we stopped at a delightful planet with terribly low gravity and "outstanding ugliness" populated by friendly post-singularity aliens who helped as best they could, saving just under half of the population.

@V i found a otherwise great planet that was so astoundingly ugly the cops took over =[

@V I had a previous one where the planet didn't have enough metal which means they couldn't build electronics and we ended up losing 70% of the scientific database, taking humanity back to the stone age, and then the rest of the dialogue was tailored around only having stone things.

Turns out that the scoreboard only holds 100 runs so idk how many goes this took me, but I finally beat you!
The environment isn't perfect and that killed a few people but other than that this place is great. Just a pair of utopias being buds. Feels a little weird that they're sitting there with way better tech and just not sharing it but it's still pretty great.
Did you know you can get 2K on native relations? I didn't.

@V Also I think it'd be neat to see speedruns of this game. Not any% of course, that's just landing on planet 1 every time. Don't-Go-Extinct% is a big tougher, since if you lose enough tech that you can't handle an inhospitable environment then everyone dies even if you survive setup.
The ideal category, IMO, would be something like 9 runs averaging 9k You're incentivized to try to give your humans a good future and a multi-run run mitigates the variance and also means you don't just reset if something goes wrong. So you naturally end up playing on-flavor most of the time

@LilyVers @V
Having tried it a bit I do not have the wrist endurance for the reflexive component of the task (not that it's anything crazy I just have bad wrists)
With that in mind I selfishly propose an alternative 9 run average no time limit challenge. 9 consecutive runs (though I'm open to alternatives on size) should still provide incentive to take care of your people when things go sideways.
Though I guess then it makes sense to selfishly dump runs until you hit at least a 12, and then try to get the best 8 you can from there...
Although now that I think about it that's kind of true for speedrunning as well, if you can start with a fast 12 that gives you a lot of extra leeway for the rest of the run, which is a potential time save.

@LilyVers @V
Since a couple people boosted the idea I decided to do it. Didn't go for the first run reroll thing, ended up with an average of 9122.2
If any of y'all decide to do one or theorycraft on the subject tag me

@Tetra @LilyVers @V I keep holding out for perfect circumstances and then things all go to pot and I end up finally dumping them off on the first planet they can walk out on without getting flattened to pancakes or poisoned instantly (and sometimes even those), so my runs tend to either be amazing perfect utopias, or else Mad Max-style brutal disasters. There seems to be little middle ground with my play style.

@Colophonscrawl @LilyVers @V Yeah, that's fair. I guess one upside of RAW encouraging grinding for a great first run to start with is that it benefits folks with a style like yours. If you scroll up this chain enough you'll see my lucky 13k run, but that was literally my first in the 11k+ range after over a hundred goes.
I could try to do some greedy runs, see if I learn anything about the style. First rule's gotta be that construction is your dump stat but that's all that comes immediately to mind

@Tetra @LilyVers @V Oh, I've been treating population as my dump stat. You'd think that would be an issue, but if you can spare the rest by doing so, the people who do survive will survive in style.

@Colophonscrawl @LilyVers @V Interesting. It does kind of work out that way, but you take a culture penalty for losing people. I guess you're more able to afford hits to pop/culture than I am since you're going to settle in places that kill less people.
Construction is still the best dump stat for you though, since it's resistance to negative planetary conditions (i.e if it's lower you start losing lots of people on reds and a few even on yellows) and you're not stopping on those anyways (unless things go really bad)

@Tetra @LilyVers @V To be fair, "caveman overlord with a ray gun" always cracked me up a bit to think about

@Colophonscrawl @Tetra @V iiinteresting. i've been treating scanners as dump stats -- I have probes for that, and they don't actually affect my final score (although they do help find a better planet...)

@LilyVers @Colophonscrawl @V
My ordering on stats, from least to most important:
Probes (if you have decent scanners it's hard to run out before you hit something decent)
Construction (can take a few hits before you need to start worrying about yellows, don't want more than one unmitigated red anyways)
non-Resource Scanners
Resource Scanner
Culture Database
Science Database

@Tetra @V not as good as that one, but I also beat your score V - and it was also by chilling wth some highly advanced aliens!

@V I tried this because your description made it seem really interesting hehe

For my first play, I noticed that the first planet seemed *horrible*, like one of the worst possible, so I decided to settle there for shits and giggles (after all, I can just start over if I wanna actually try)

I was somewhat surprised when not literally everyone died right away (sure, most did, but technically a society formed here)

@V Okay, I did my first serious run, and got a pretty decent score of 10680 c:

I managed to find a planet where basically everything is perfect, aside from high gravity, and my humans went on to form a very nice post-scarcity utopia, I'm happy for them >w<

@V This one was really tough. Lots of bad things kept happening to the probes. Seeing perfect 5 I had no choice but to land, but.....
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