Prediction: In ten years time, the widely accepted reason most people are furries will be all the sexy anthropomorphic animal characters in Fortnite.

@V I am probably a furry because of Animal Crossing

@V holy shit I've not been paying attention the last thing i saw that was furry was the pink fursuit thing that wasn't at all sexy

@V ... Do I.... Do I need to start playing fortnite?????

@seeleymoyed That would be pretty cool! I mean I like it, and a good few people in the fediverse play. I actually play a ton, it's the first video game I find myself to be legitimately very good at.
Username's A8igail 😸

@V I'll have to check it out!! I want to get through my backlog a bit first before trying another live service game ... Dead by daylight distracts me enough as it is so 😅

When I check it out I'll let you know!!

@seeleymoyed @V Yes, it's actually quite a good game despite all the hate.

@V bottom left and bottom right are legit making me wanna try out fortnite tbqh

@V it's a shame they're all rare skins tho

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