i think i'm addicted to 3d collectathons now and I'm only a few decades too late

@V what are the good recent ones besides the crash and spyro remasters

@wintgenstein @SuperCee well i kinda just found the genre, getting a Switch got me to try a couple games that are like, technically 3d games where you do collect things if you want to (yay for korok seeds and power moons, even if they're in an open world adventure and a platformer respectively), and from there i had gotten a fix of collecting stuff and needed to hoard even more, so i got Yooka-Laylee, which has been one of the greatest joys I've ever experienced. I know people have varying opinions on it, but I personally adore it to death. It opened my mind to wanting more and more of this experience of just running around having fun and collecting lots of stuff, beholden to nothing but the joys of moving around in a pretty world.
So despite only having played one pure 3d collectathon, I need more.
Not sure where to go and I'm certainly not the authority on this.
I'm thinking of trying A Hat in Time next. Is that good?

@V @SuperCee ah I haven't played it yet and was actually considering getting it too *anime sweat drop * let me know how it is!

@V (do you know any good recent ones cuz i kinda miss that genre a lot)

@V But now you get to go back and enjoy the classics for the first time.

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