Warframe is arcane, here's a tutorial on how to beat an early part of the game that you either hated or are currently stuck on 

Warframe tut cont 

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I know a lot of people will say that this is nonsense - "You can totally find a Fragment with just your eyes, just look harder!".
My response to that is that I found zero in half a year, and then all three this morning when I thought of fully upgrading Thief's Wit and spamming Ara with my full screen map open.
Maybe people who are as bad at directions as I am will appreciate this method.

@V warframe is p much unplayable imo without a bunch of those kinds of QoL mods on your companion, like animal instinct (the companion equivalent of thiefs wit) and the vacuum mods that give you a wider loot pickup radius

i love it to death but there's no excuse for how impenetrable it is to new players

@velexiraptor @V For real, the only reason we were able to get where we are is because we had an experienced player as a friend guiding us.

@violet @V i only got as far as i have cuz i started playing in like update 11 and most of this stuff didn't exist then, so i got it piecemeal

@violet @velexiraptor @V anyway if you’re playing on PC hmu if you ever need advice/parts i might have, i’m MR21 and able to kill god

@violet @V and hey if anyone wants that kind of guidance im still active on WF, shoot me a friend req at Periapsis in game

@velexiraptor Yeah, I just fully upgraded Vacuum on my Shade too and I'm so happy to have it. So, so happy. Finally actually properly enjoying this game.
Nothing about it makes sense, from the way you obtain Warframes to the way you progress. Not until you deep dive in the wiki for an hour and then try to untangle the Christmas lights in your brain to make some sort of sense of all the nonsense. Like, it's secretly a puzzle game, I swear to god. They need to fix this shit.
But it's so fuuunn 😿

@velexiraptor sometimes i think they intentionally make it impossible to understand so that you
1. get artificially stuck and thus spend longer playing the same content, thus getting more hours out of you
2. are forced to join a clan and thus forced to use the social aspects of a game that is technically totally soloable but they don't want that
3. are tricked into thinking you'll never be clever enough to figure out how to get that item you want so you should just pay real money

@V @velexiraptor as someone who's put a fuckload of time into this game: DE is just bad at game design

they're *fantastic* at aesthetics and concepts, but stuff like balance seems to elude them

@V @velexiraptor though, that being said, they seem to be getting better. melee 2.992348724 or whatever it is is a fantastic step in the right direction

@V @velexiraptor also, like, remember coptering. remember when fist weapons were garbage because you couldn't use them for fast movement and dual zorens were king shit of fuck mountain. thank god that's gone

@violet @V @velexiraptor they're still *good* but coptering isn't a thing so they're not essential for mobility

@hierarchon @V i still have my dual zorens for nostgia rip lmao

remember the days before bullet jumping when you had to look for the white streaks on the wall and pray that you'd lock to the wall correctly to parkour

remember the stamina gauge

@velexiraptor @V removal of the stamina gauge was probably one of the most popular changes DE ever did lmao

@velexiraptor @hierarchon i hate jumping in like this but

remember weapon upgrades being like dead space (braton prime was a nightmare to behold)

remember the one tileset used everywhere

remember the one drum music that played in combat

@deejvalen @velexiraptor i think that's before my time, i got in around like... update 14 or so?

@hierarchon @velexiraptor I was playing EARLY

I think it was like, volt, excalibur, loki, ember, and... ash? as the only frames

i honestly miss how strong weapons were compared to after...

@deejvalen @hierarchon i got in an update or two after the modding change, but yeah there were 5 tilesets when i started playing

remember survival missions on planetary tilesets where they'd start venting air out of the goddamn atmosphere somehow

@V the clan bit really gets me, like, why do they lock essential gameplay and QoL behind membership in a clan? it adds nothing to the experience

@velexiraptor @V weirdest thing that requires a clan: arcwing launcher segment

there's literally one item you build using it and you can't even use that item in clan dojos

@V I think the rail junction mission explains that one spawns per mission? I ended up just teaming up with a stranger to grind out the exterminate mission, where at the end no more enemies will spawn, and just scouring every single room on the map, checking behind every pillar in the loot rooms

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