so who actually are these people who use Light Mode on literally any application
i've never met one
so why is it default

really weird correlation that i've noted that's probably incorrect 

really weird correlation that i've noted that's probably incorrect 

re: business light theme correlation 

really weird correlation that i've noted that's probably incorrect 

@V my boss uses light mode and one time I told him I used dark mode and he was like "what? why?!" and he showed me what dark mode looked like on his computer and it was just light mode text colors with dark mode background colors until he refreshed the web app

so the reason is probably that all software is horribly broken and held together with tape

@V I use light mode from time to time to make it less obvious that I'm posting in the lecture hall, but literally if dark mode became the norm for everything else problem solved

@V I'm dating someone who does and it is alarming to me

@V yeah i switch to it when my screen is in direct sunlight

@V i like to use the automatic modes that switch over depending on the time of day

most apps don't do that tho and i just use dark mode for those obviously

@00dani @V if more websites start to support prefers-color-scheme you could just make it auto switch

@V i've known a few. It seems more common for people who are less technologically savvy. This is totally off the dome but it could have something to do with the learning curve of learning to read light text on a dark background.

@V I use light mode because dark mode gives me eyestrain headaches... 😅 I've got it on here on Mastodon too lol.

Honestly a lot of apps' light mode is too bright for me but it's still typically far less headaches than the alternative. ...Except for Discord where apparently no one has ever come within 200 miles of learning how to construct a light theme ever.

@V I am, and there is a good reason for it. For me personally, it's an accessibility thing. I literally cannot use anything with black background as everything starts to blur very quickly (within seconds) if I try. It's very disconcerting.

There are also technical reasons why it's better for your eyes to have a light background. It generally increases eye strain, but different people are more sensitive to this than others.

@V I do because not everything I use goes to dark mode (specifically, Thunderbird has white backgrounds I couldn't get rid of) and I don't like that contrast, but one other advantage is power savings (don't have to turn your screen brightness as high during the day).

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