This is a weird toot, and it's unlikely that it'll work, but I figured I'd try -
If anyone has a Flik Board, and is willing to sell it, DM me.
If anyone thinks they can in any way help replicate or repair a Flik Board via blender/3D printer/sticker printer, DM me.
I've got this possibly spectrum-related thing where I need my very specific stim objects, and Flik Boards aren't made anymore. I only have a few, and I want them to last forever, but they aren't abnormally durable or anything. They'll be lost or damaged eventually. Especially the matte stickers on them, which provide a very particular stim.
If you can help in any way, reach out. And/or signal boost I guess, if you think it'll help.

Thanks ♥️

@V - I have a brother that is great at 3D modeling with Blender. All I need is the dimension and some pics (different angles) love and I will send it to him and ask him to do me the favor of designing it and sending me the file for you so you can get it printed through or any other 3D printing service you use. ❤

@david That would be amazing, thank you! I'll gain access to measuring tools (currently on vacation so it might be a while) and message you back!
You're the best ♥️♥️
And I totally understand if it turns out he'd rather not model it, thanks all the same.

@V - it's no problem love. Just get back to me with the info and pics of it when you can and we'll work it out for you ❤

@V - As far as stickers go, I can get those done for you as well. 😘

@TimMad Absolutely!
Here are also some more pics from google, if they help at all.

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