I'm really happy with this makeshift restriction mode I came up with for Skyrim. I've had a lot of fun with it, and I would highly recommend trying it yourself 😸

Skyrim: You're Just A Cat Edition 🐈
Rule 1: You play as a khajiit, of course.
Rule 2: You can't equip anything - cats don't wear clothes or have posable thumbs.
Rule 3: You can't read. Cats can't read. Letters, books, spellbooks, scrolls, and spells of all kinds are off limits.
Rule 4: You can't be anything more than Just A Cat, so you can't become a werewolf or a vampire.
Rule 5: If you see an accessible table with stuff on it, you have to jump on the table and knock something off of it. Even if it ruins your attempt at stealth. Even if you're busy. No exceptions.

TL;DR play as a naked khajiit clawing and shouting at everything and knocking stuff down.
That's it. Hope you like it 😸

@V ive played recentry as a khajiit wizard who is trying to learn as much as she can to get rid of harmful cat stereotypes

but this is ok too i guess >_>

@V imagine a cat that could fus ro dah. Leap on one end of a big table, fusrodah, and it's chaos time.

@Pyretta @V technically; this should be possible in the TES universe, as the khajiit species range from spellcasting housecats to humongous Feline monstrosities <3

Mmhm! You very much can and should use shouts in this mode, as cats are noisy creatures, so I've been doing quite a lot of ridiculous chaotic fus ro dah.

@V me: "Okay time to play this skyrim thing... I thikn... yeah I'm gonna play as a Khajiit girl, but I'm not gonna do ANY stealing, ever! I'm gonna bea good law abiding- shit I just pickpocketed everyone in a five mile radius. Crap. Holy fuck. uh... uh...

Hey Lydia! Come here, hold my stole-i meaaaaan.... lost and found collection."

atrocious pun 

atrocious pun 

@V Cats can read, I taught both my cats to read, and they can become vampires and catwolves (werewolf indicates the base being is a human vampire (nested brackets because all werewolves are vampires in much earlier folklore and only really separated fairly recently)) I turned my Cat Tiger into a Feline Strigoaica Mort (well technically she was a Viu at the time of her turning but she is now a Mort therefore has been able to remain partially in the material world by feeding on lifeforce of others) and my two cats are Strigoaica viu so cats definitely can become vampires irl and so should it be in games.

Disclaimer: I haven't really taught my cats to read, but the vampyre part is true, both the part about my cats being vampyres, and the thing about werewolves being vampires right up to much recently.

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