My favorite thing is how modern cosmic horror/Lovecraft-adjacent fiction is like, all incredibly queer.
Welcome to Night Vale, Fallen London, Archive 81, Madoka Magica, etc...
It seems like you can't ponder the possibility that we are specks among an infinitely larger, cold, uncaring cosmic community, until you get some cute girls to kiss first.
I just find it so hilarious because Lovecraft himself was The Worst Person™ and would have probably passed out at the fact that *we* are his most intimately engaged surviving fanbase.


My theory on why so many of us queers love the cosmic horror aesthetic so much is basically that we're all very used to feeling like the universe around us is illogical cold uncaring nonsense with made up rules and arcane ancient rituals.

"Why am I not allowed to kiss other girls?"
"Why is that activity something that only boys are allowed to do?"
We get vague answers like "Because that's how it's always beeeen!" and "It simply isn't done!!!", and fuck me if that doesn't sound like you're surrounded by an alien cult with rules that don't line up with actual reality. Only natural we start to see the universe that way.

@V Think I've got some of that being on the autistic spectrum as well.

@RecursiveRabbit @V yeah cosmic horror never stricken me as queer - I resonated with these concepts much more than other ideas about the universe since I was about 7.

"God is out there and he loves you" -"That doesnt feel right"

-"The universe is a cold and uncaring reality that is like the tip of an iceberg peeking out of a dark ocean in a freezing winter night. There are horrors everywhere, but you are too insignificant for them to register your existence." -"hm yes that seems more like it"

@V hbomberguy has a great video on the movie Cthulhu, a Lovecraft adaptation, and why it's good that the main character is gay actually

Have you seen hbomberguy's video on Lovecraft? He talks about this, I think you might like it!

have you ever played Night In The Woods? the plot is EXTREMELY in line with what you're saying rn

I was gonna throw NITW in there too! Decided to keep the list short. It's an incredibly good example.

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