The clearest example of how creepy capitalism is is that most kids go through a phase of making that whispery sigh-y "ahhhhhhhh 😻" sound after they take a sip of a drink, before their parents tell them to fucking quit it because that's annoying. And they learned it from cola ads. Advertisements literally teach children the fundamentals of how life works and how humans behave. They get confused when they're told you *don't* have to make the ahhh sound.


Disclaimer: I mean, kids are always gonna copy everything, and media is always gonna exist, and a lot of media is good. So this is kind of an overreaction on my part. It's just concerning to me that ads themselves are already inherently malicious, and they work unfortunately well on children.

@V the idea that content creators aren't responsible for what they create is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard.

Like of course Eminem is responsible for the words and music he puts out. If not him then who? Someone is, it's not robotic.

Now *responsible for the effects* is another thing. But we seem to be hung up on basic causal responsibility at this point.

@V i don’t think it’s an overreaction, and i don’t think ads automatically get to be considered as ”part of” media any more than parasitic strepsiptera are “part of” the wasps they parasitize

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