mostly lawful neutral with forays into neutral evil

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@V I do all of these except lawful evil and chaotic good

@V chaotic neutral/neutral evil combo. Only put one leg over the armrest

@SanfordianPhil @V same, I was looking for that post and surprised it wasn't represented

@V @rey Often neutral good. Sometimes neutral evil.

I never could manage to be as chaotic evil as I would like. Sigh.

@V This is the first time I've been Evil at anything. Neutral Evil...

@V lawful neutral buddy but also neutral good I'm very well behaved

@V ok so... I tuck one leg in under my butt, lean sideways on the backrest, arm on top of the backrest and the other leg dangles or my foot is on the chair.

Chaotic neutral, perhaps.

@V I remember my parents blaming me, since very young, cuz I don't want to sit another way on the couch. As today it keeps being confortable this way.

@V I like the chart but don't fit in any of those. In an arm chair I tend to sit diagonally, so I can lean against a corner.

@V Chaotic evil, baby, leaning toward true neutral, though.

@V chaotic neutral why is this so accurate 😂

@V oh wait, misread it, true neutral every tiem

Chaotic neutral, with chaotic evil tendencies (with a hint of neutral evil here and there).

The whole family is similarly aligned: twins are chaotic evil with lawful evil tendencies, wife is chaotic neutral, by the book.

@V Chaotic neutral/neutral good. Lawful evil but on the first level instead :3

Apparently I'm lawful neutral, with bouts of chaotic good and lawful evil.

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