Why the hell aren't there free public showers?
How are you supposed to say you care what happens to the homeless if you aren't providing this service? We're at a point where "not getting hired for hygiene" is just code for "we don't hire people who aren't financially stable enough already to have their own private hygiene facilities".

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There are a few problems that combine: security (answer: expensive surveillance and patrols), privacy (yeah, not easy with the required level of security), and if they are lockable, they become a destination for all sorts of misbehaviour. An analogous problem with public bathrooms in Seattle was people using them to do smack, and being found passed out or dying in them.

So, basically, you have expensive facilities paid for by people who don't need them.

@V I should add that in places where the population tends to care, you get things like missions and halfway houses and so on that do offer sanitation facilities, but a lot of the folks on the street object to many of their rules, such as strict sobriety.

It's not a problem with a clean solution.

@V If you get into the economics of it, you need to align the interests of the users of the facilities with the providers. They don't have to be the same people, but the users should come to it with some degree of responsibility for the outcome.

@V From what I've heard, the major issue is sanitation - even in very regularly cleaned places that have showers (eg pools/aquatic centres) there are serious issues with the spread of fungal and bacterial pathogens.

And apparently it's not solved by more frequent cleaning; even showers with automated cleaning cycles after each patron have issues with eradicating pathogens completely.

(Though, I honestly do wonder if there's such a thing as a pathogen-free shower. Like, anywhere.)

@dartigen @V perhaps it would be worth doing some sort of allotment whereby one can claim a specific shower for their sole use - though i imagine such a system would be rather expensive and inefficient...wait

that's just regular showers, isn't it?

@snailerotica @V Yup, sounds like it :/ but with a robot that just sprays soapy water and then hot water and uses a fan to dry everything and calls it clean (as opposed to a human who can clean it properly and use different approaches to remove mould, soap scum, etc)

Unfortunately, because human cleaners would have to be paid, most cities won't do it unless the showers are paid access...which doesn't solve the issue at all.

@V @ox it’s not unheard of either for a city to have public baths, etc. it’s historically super normal. We’ve privatized the hell out of it all, which sucks.

@V Free public showers are definitely an unintentional benefit of living on the coast near beaches.

@V I mean "reliable transportation" already is code for "have a personal vehicle that isn't breaking down Or Else"

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