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Today is one of those sorts of days you store in your mind to remember when you're feeling bad, to brighten your whole day yet again.
Everything has just been so cute and perfect.

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Steam: "Hey check out this game, it's in your discovery queue because it's popular!"
the game itself: *has 461 reviews, 56% of which are positive, and it's by Ubisoft*
me: " uh... you sure about that, Steam?"

lots of fucked up awful topics of past trauma including *all* the types of childhood abuse including sexual, poor self image, infertility, the whole lot. Mentions of past experiences that were very traumatic. Also it's all centered around Made In Abyss, a series without a very good track record on not being creepy. 

the nice thing about fucked up awful stories is that if you have a fucked up awful past yourself, you get proper, full representation and it feels amazing.

at this point i have basically decided that "V" (which means absolutely nothing) stands for Vueroeruko, because I had never felt more seen in media til I saw her.

Vueko was raised in a loveless environment and frequently raped, wants children but cannot have them, and is even shown in a lesbian relationship, which is a rare thing to see in manga. She also has permanent eye bags and frequently refers to herself as being "used up" or useless, showing poor self esteem and lack of self care. BUT, she runs away, becomes one of the three sages, and adventures off into the dangerous unknown with her head held high, helping everyone she can along the journey. Near the end of her journey she essentially acts as an untrained nurse.

it me. i did all of that. i've lived her life. And it's such an incredibly specific and oft-ignored list of experiences that it blew me away.

In this house we love and respect Vueko.

And I love and respect myself, too 👍

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queer rage, fascism, death 


the bar for 'support' shouldn't be 'isn't currently attacking us in the street'.

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queer rage, fascism, death 

i actually hate the sentiment of "most folks actually support trans folks" because that "support" doesn't mean jack shit for anything if they're not gonna do anything about it

if anything i hate them more for it. it's like getting a high five while drowning

-- demon goat 🖤

why the fuck does youtube keep pushing me videos from people i've *blocked*
if blocking doesn't do that what does it even fucking do then?

oh wow, neat, there's an interoperable avatar creation website linked in the lobby right now in VRchat.
i fiddled with it for twenty seconds, fed it a selfie, and got an avatar that looks just like me irl, which is very cool. I'd never gotten to look like myself in VR before that, it's a nice feeling.

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“Cop City” planned on what is environmentally sensitive land that was supposed to be public park after only 17 hours of public comment, nearly all opposed. One protester killed, significant number of arrests
#acab #policeshooting #protest
#policeshooting #atlanta #environmental

nsfw sexual gw2 

a Tyrian lesbian with a Sylvari wife who makes constant jokes about "only eating vegetarian"

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Neurotypical is the human equivalent of "Works on my machine"

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(transitions directly at you at dangerous speed)

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@theresnotime every website, app, piece of software, should have a dark mode as standard.

Every single one.

furry struck down by a lightsaber and they disappear leaving only their fursuit crumpled on the floor

😮‍💨🤚: Buying Pokémon SV
😌👍: Waiting for a good GBA romhack to inevitably add all the SV pokémon and play with them there

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*stranger motions towards my dog*

Stranger: Is she friendly?
Me: Well her bark is worse than her bite.

Stranger: Aww, aren't you just the cutest-
My dog: *bites*

Stranger: Ow! I thought you said-
My dog: *barks, shooting wasps into their face*

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i mean, the communist team is doing this all secretly and the goal of the main team is to stop them, but like... i wanna communism

also according to them the main moral commentary here is that in those days lots of careers were killed by unsubstantiated rumors, and you spend half the game banning people from cinema basically at random, so i feel like it probably works

also it wouldn't be right to mention it without linking -

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I let spiders live in my room but I have not ONCE woken up to a web in the corner above my bed displaying the words SOME LESBIAN. my question is what am i doing wrong

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(Mr. Krabs starts laughing and meowing. Cut to Squidward about to walk away)

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