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Today is one of those sorts of days you store in your mind to remember when you're feeling bad, to brighten your whole day yet again.
Everything has just been so cute and perfect.

in this essay i will explore the teletransportation paradox through the command BABA HAS BABA in Baba Is You,

@‫slashzero Yes! I am a gay kyubeyposter who likes candy.

Since we're now allowed (and required) to cover our faces in public and also there's no law against dressing conservatively, I think I'm gonna just wear a tarp with eyeholes cut in it from now on.

@V I always presumed there's we're hundreds of slides we never saw that were uneventful slides into worlds where everyone liked peaches on their pizza or were too short to really explore, and that the magic of television only showed us the exciting ones. 20 seconds on a hell world makes exciting TV, so we got to see it.

I was always more surprised they never slid into a dimension where the earth never formed and they just immediately died in the void where earth should have been.

it kinda implies that the inevitable fate of all sliders is to just slide into Fire Dimension eventually and instadie

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to this day it bugs me that there was that one episode in Sliders where their randomized dimension was a dimension that was literally just fire and they almost died, and the randomized time they had to stay there was 20 seconds.

like, if sliding to a dimension that's just fire is possible, and slide windows normally average out to be a couple of days, the chances that they didn't just fucking die right there for no good reason and with no way to escape were astronomically low.

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people say I move really quietly and therefore constantly accidentally jumpscare them, so I think I'll just carry a lil button from now on that plays that distorted Slender soundclip from when you turn around and see him

writers taking out their actor grievances on the characters is always the craziest shit

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remember when Quinn and Colin's actors on Sliders left on such shitty terms with the writers that they wrote them out as, respectively, getting his brain consumed by his double and sentencing him to an eternity randomly jumping between dimensions with no control

oh my fucking god Tuca and Bertie is getting picked up by Adult Swim I am the happiest bird in the world

It also kinda harkens back to how it was in ye olden days, where "merch" would most often be a shirt that says "Bill's Crab Shack, Chesapeake Bay Virginia", and it's like, obviously nobody is gonna go travel across the country to go to a random crab restaurant at the behest of your shirt, so it's similarly an appeal to the void. A mention without any need for acknowledgement.

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I appreciate obscure merch. Like, not even based on an obscure media property, but just on like, one guy who you like the content of and he has a teespring.
It feels like a fun subversion, to know that you're wearing such an obscure reference that nobody will even try to get it, and it just kinda sits there in the very very background not being a detail but just making you happy.

like is it canon that the black lion trading company found tamable giant hummingbirds and started selling them to people as mounts, but also they coincidentally can only be sold to someone who owns a Skimmer and they function identically to Skimmers?

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it really bugs me when anet releases mount skins that are literally just different animals. Like, a Skimmer is given a skin that's literally just a giant hummingbird
How Does This Fit In With The Lore ANet

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