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Today is one of those sorts of days you store in your mind to remember when you're feeling bad, to brighten your whole day yet again.
Everything has just been so cute and perfect.

my life is a series of character stat rerolls

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wip dragon n kobble art! surprisingly not lewd 

a relationship dynamic that is both goals and I am so excited to draw

excited to see what happens when No Man's Sky: Expedition 1 ends
like, will we get Expedition 2 immediately or will there be a break
setting up expeditions doesn't seem hugely difficult since all they have to do is come up with 30 achievements and model a couple cosmetic items to be the prizes, so it's totally believable they could keep going one after another for years without ever hitting a break
would be interesting

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what the fuck do you mean i cant do anything with my nya

Okay wait hold the fuck up
WOAH!, a rap song by Deetranada
Puella In Somnio by Yuki Kajiura, from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica soundtrack
because i think it does ???

(listen to Puella In Somnio first for best effect, unless i am just crazy ?)

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tangenital to dream post, genitals, cold take 

You know what? If a cis woman wants a clitdick or even just a normal dick or even dick and balls, that's fine by me. If a cis male wants a cunt instead or in addition to the dick, that's also fine by me. And I honestly think that it's transphobic as fuck to imply that these people aren't valid, because if trans women can keep their dicks and trans men can keep their cunts, then who the fuck cares?

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[bob the tomato voice] hey kids, do you like violence?

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When you criticize adults for “child like behaviors” 90% of the time you’re just saying you’d wish autistic people would mask harder around you

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two-state solution? how about a no-state solution you stupid bitch :blobdab: :anarchism:

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i'd joke about making "dark christianity," but there are already so many people who combine christianity with the teachings of ayn rand, we typically call them conservatives

i mean i initially skipped over it myself, i watched the first five minutes and wasn't immediately captivated so i stopped
Is it really that these days there's so much Content out there that none of us give things that don't look immediately amazing a chance
that may be it

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okay why have i not run into any other fans of Kipo
it seems like this big animation renaissance fansphere totally skipped over one of the best ones we've had in years ??

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my favorite author is Hatsune P. Mikucraft

aw yeah, 85th place on today's daily climb, that's not bad for a game I'm new at.

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