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Today is one of those sorts of days you store in your mind to remember when you're feeling bad, to brighten your whole day yet again.
Everything has just been so cute and perfect.

lewd, orgasm 

Phone is broken. Spent all day today spouting horrifyingly bad puns because I was unable to just toot them at you peeps instead.

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I'm an incredibly lucky girl to have these wonderful women in my life.

I follow hundreds and hundreds of people on Mastodon, things are chronological here, and yet I've never really felt like I'm missing updates on my friends' lives.
It's almost as if non-chronological timelines were created solely to shove celebrities and sponcon down your throat.

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Dungeons and Cute Dragongirls 

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I'm really happy with this makeshift restriction mode I came up with for Skyrim. I've had a lot of fun with it, and I would highly recommend trying it yourself 😸

Skyrim: You're Just A Cat Edition 🐈
Rule 1: You play as a khajiit, of course.
Rule 2: You can't equip anything - cats don't wear clothes or have posable thumbs.
Rule 3: You can't read. Cats can't read. Letters, books, spellbooks, scrolls, and spells of all kinds are off limits.
Rule 4: You can't be anything more than Just A Cat, so you can't become a werewolf or a vampire.
Rule 5: If you see an accessible table with stuff on it, you have to jump on the table and knock something off of it. Even if it ruins your attempt at stealth. Even if you're busy. No exceptions.

TL;DR play as a naked khajiit clawing and shouting at everything and knocking stuff down.
That's it. Hope you like it 😸

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You should be a smooth lesbian ladykiller

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i will have to create a Pokémon-themed LGBTQIA+ mascot called The Non-Binary Buneary

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reminder to cis people that it's okay to change your name if you hate it or even just mildly dislike it

anyone who gives any person shit over changing their name needs to just.. Not Do That Ever


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Ah yes, Mastodon, representing the Deadly Sin of Horny On Main.

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broke: angry lesbian
woke: sapph ire

I just wanna hug my Rocket League car, is that too much to ask?

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