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Today is one of those sorts of days you store in your mind to remember when you're feeling bad, to brighten your whole day yet again.
Everything has just been so cute and perfect.


concept: a vinyl record player that only plays lewd noises, called a pornograph

i literally think destielgate happened because one of the writers watches a little too much youtube and noticed that there are a dozen prominent video essays about why Supernatural is the king of queerbaiting, and they panicked and decided the way to fix it was to make the show exactly 5% gayer without warning

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So I was playing Destiny 2 with some friends and letting folks know that I had a name and pronoun change.

When I was asked what my gender was, I was on a map with active rails on it.

So in the heat of an oncoming disaster, I suddenly shouted, open mic, to everyone in that moment "TRAIN!"

So yeah, I guess my gender is now train.

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ohh, gimme the catboys and free my soul,
i wanna hug them cuz they're cute and smol,
and super gay, 🎶

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All women are queens. The current landscape of global geopolitics is immediately shattered as over three billion new monarchs rise to power, causing small scale wars and schisms on every block of every city. Few survive.

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@V the reason he didn't find any of the many much simpler and less terrible solutions to that situation is clearly that beanpole crumblepatch is just really shit at being a time wizard

i'm just saying that if Dr Strange looked a little harder he'd surely have found the timeline where Thanos just trips over a rock and dies

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@V strong discworld vibes tbh

frank sto helit

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@V ah yes, the five horsemen, death, famine, pestilence, war, and frank

i straight-up had no idea thanksgiving is today
...and i think i'll continue as such

read it for the first time over a decade ago but my mind still captivated by "Lemony Snicket is widely regarded as one of the most difficult children's authors to capture and imprison."

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the fact that all the deaths in Final Destination happen a whole month after the crash, but once they start it all happens quite quickly, implies that Death is really lazy/absent-minded/procrastinating, and honestly, same.

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it's canon
i know there have been references to it, but... they're all actors. how is my character taking things this well

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