@porsupah sorry what is alt text?

They are just for fun.

Eye contact 

Here is some cuteness for all to enjoy. I very much enjoy character creation, and am very thankful for picrew existing.

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Hey! Asexual and aromantic people are probably around you right now!

Got questions as to what those words mean? Have some overview! Ash Hardell's Part 1 to Ace/Aro!


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hair mishap 

@porsupah best of luck with your hair 😊

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birdsite, trans, wholesome 

“So, as a trans woman I’ve gotten a lot of strange comments over the years about my body and appearance.

“And one that always sticks out to me is: ‘You know, wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman.'”

So, she posted this video. ^_^;


@porsupah oh dear! How is that to get out of your hair?

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gentle trans/genderqueer history reminder 

1. European cultures have recognized nonbinary gender and gender fluidity for centuries. It's only been in recent decades that it's been partially demedicalized and decriminalized.

2. Because heterosexuality is the gold standard for masculinity/femininity in European culture, sexual and gender minorities have a long history of shared oppression and cultural survival.

3. Arguments that gay, lesbian, or bi sexuality technically excludes trans people on the basis of abstract taxonomies is borrowing from a medicalist paradigm without acknowledging that paradigm conflated sexuality and gender.

4. LGB people until extremely recently were legally and institutionally prevented from building the forms of social capital that cishet people took for granted: family, military, church, service organizations, and professional life. As such, LGB people developed their own subcultural gender identities and expressions. This has a huge overlap with trans and especially genderqueer identity and expression.

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selfies, ec, boosts ++ 

Trans eyeliner babes, got my trans socks on too ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Okay fedi, wheres your favorite places to buy stim toys/jewellery from?

How to not die in a video game? Say you will go to bed next time you die 😜

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have you ever been so gay that you get flustered by a song that samples a woman gasping

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Thicc girls are hot. Skinny girls are hot. Girls of different body shapes are hot. Buff girls are hot. Weak girls are hot. Girls of all skin colors are hot. Girls? They be hot. I've barely scraped the surface of hot girls. There are just, lots of hot girls. Girls good.

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creating new and terrifying genders to destroy cisiety

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