I've been having lots of fun making these! 😊

@Titree Oh, now that's looking /good!/ (But.. there's no alt text!)

Are these part of a story/universe, or simply standalone fun?

@porsupah sorry what is alt text?

They are just for fun.

alt text 

@Titree Ah! Okies. ^_^

It's the text accompanying an image - essential for folk using screen readers, or simply on bad connections. It can also be a good opportunity to explain a joke, if one's present. On the web UI, you can find it through "Edit" when you've uploaded an image. (Which also includes an option to OCR text in an image; works well, but only if the text is reasonably "straight", so it often won't work well on photos of a page of a book, unless it's held flat)

The description doesn't need to be long - even a few words can make a big difference. ^_^ (Likewise, it can be a good excuse to have fun pointing out details that might not be obvious)

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