Hello guys, gals and non binary pals! I am Ti, please use they/them pronouns for me. I am pansexual and non binary (trans masculine). I love chatting about gender and sexuality, so much so that I want to become a sexologist. I love spending time with my cat Mister and my partner @eclectic. Books, tv shows (mostly cartoons), and music bring me joy.
My favourite food is tacos or pizza! :pansexual: :nb:

@Titree Welcome! If you hear anything about the airdate for s2 of The Owl House, be sure to let us know. ^_^

@porsupah @Titree we havent started watching it but totally should. Ive heard nothing but good things xD

@eclectic @Titree Oh, definitely! They build the characters up quite impressively, whilst not forgetting the larger story arcs. ^_^

@Titree yay my schmoop is on my instance now! Shower them in love!

@xinjinmeng can’t say I’ve tried it, I’m sure it’d be pretty delightful

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