We all knew that pride as a celebration is just acceptability politics, but this really highlights it. Next year, I don't want to hear any bullshit around pride: it NEEDS to be a huge protest, and trans rights need to be the central issue everywhere!

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Asked for clarity on confusion, BBC said pride is fine if it is seen as a “a celebration”, but if the “trans issue" (as it was described) is involved then it passes as a protest and news and current affairs staff should not attend.

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FFS. Now I have another thing to worry about. I had to send my passport a month ago, even though my application has not even been reviewed yet. Who knows when I will get it back, for no good reason, and knowing their incompetence might end up with me spending hundreds.

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The @DeptJusticeIRL@twitter.com at work
And another GDPR scandal @DPCIreland@twitter.com twitter.com/val_br_ie/status/1

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Disgusting crimes that keep being covered by this government.

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In the 1960’s a young Traveller woman was raped by 5 men, dragged behind a car while out in the country. Ended up brain damaged. 10years later she was groomed, drugged by a “high standing member of settled society” and fell pregnant.The priests and nuns assured parents she would

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The Irish Times is helping the fascists grow.

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Here's a before and after of the two changes made so that the protest was no longer described as 'far right' but instead as 'anti - lockdown'.

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The people doing this seem to enjoy traumatising and hurting trans people, when is the @HSELive@twitter.com going to even say a word about this?

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Another update on my horrific treatment by the @HSELive@twitter.com . While recovering on my sick bed they decided to unilaterally discharge me through a ccd letter to my GP. They had proposed a mediated meeting in March and never bothered, leaving me in limbo for mths

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The NGS is a national shame, this can't continue!

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Depathologise trans healthcare now! @HseLgbti@twitter.com @HSELive@twitter.com Don't continue to allow that psychiatrist force trans people in Ireland to name the people they've had sex with and describe how they masterbate to get access to essential healthcare twitter.com/TGEUorg/status/131

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I'm not surprised, TBH. I have never been able to get any kind of help by talking to the receptionists, and emails go unanswered for weeks, and if they finally do answer almost never got any real help. No matter how desperate you are.

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This is what is happening at the INIS burgh Quay office if an honest man trying to save his job goes in to receive help. I hope this gets the attention of many. @MaryLouMcDonald@twitter.com @LeoVaradkar@twitter.com @RTENewsNow@twitter.com @IrishTimes@twitter.com @DublinInquirer@twitter.com @_IHREC@twitter.com @Paschald@twitter.com @1GaryGannon@twitter.com

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Some ideas I have in mind:

* A similar design, but replace the fist with a hurley/camán.
* The trans and anarchy symbols merged together.
* Countess Markievicz, since they are using her name for TERF bullshit.
* Cumann na mBan
* Connolly in the "I told you so" pose.

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I have made two popular runs of these great stickers (h/t @gemmentedod1@twitter.com for the design), and considering how much fash are in the streets these days, I want to make more to distribute and fundraise for trans ppl in need. I would like help with new designs!

Any takers?

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Stickers! Stickers everywhere!

Hit me up if you feel like spreading the antifascist message.

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Back in April, I had to admit that the govt was making a good job out of controlling covid, and followed all the rules. Now it's a fecking joke, I won't pay attention until they close schools, offices, most shops, and non essential services.

Prompted by a "Facebook memory" from 12 years ago.. I finally made this. Now and then: 1998-2010-2019, three very different moments in my life, all good!

We need to be prepared and expect our meds to be cut off at any time. Everybody needs a stash of their critical meds. Pretend to lose meds, cook your lab results, whatever it takes.

And cis people: if you are on compatible meds, grow a stash for your trans friends too!

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If you are a trans person on hormones I recommend you hoard them. Lie to the pharmacy about losing your prescription for a refill. Shave a bit on your typical regime to create a surplus. Try to keep a buffer of at least three months for yourself and other trans people in need.

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One of the things to take out from this, is why in the year 2020 GPs in Ireland and the UK still don't prescribe HRT on their own. Like, what prevents them prescribing the same drugs they prescribe for other reasons? How can we change this?

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Well, it seems TERFs have just managed to force ClearChemist to not deliver GenderGP anymore. So basically lots of trans people will lose access to hormones. Again.

Reminder that creating hostile conditions for a minority group to the point that they can't exist is genocide.

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If you are affected by this, know that if you have the prescription issued by GenderGP, you should be able to fill it in your local pharmacy, and your GP should be able to re-issue it for refills and/or medical card coverage.

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As a result of the recent negative press attention our prescribing chemist has been told they are unable to fulfil the prescriptions of the thousands of trans patients who use GenderGP.

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Scientific twitter, specially ppl from biochem and pharm. backgrounds.. There is a knowledge gap in the pharmacokinetics of a drug that I use regularly (IM injections of E2V in oily sol.), and I would like to crowd-source an study to fix that. Tips, resources, and help welcomed!

This starts to smell suspiciously of FFFG using Covid as an excuse to cut down on a service only very recently obtained after years of work by activists and health workers. The same way that businesses are more important than people dying of Covid, stopping HIV gets deprioritised

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