Remember: in 1968 NYC garbagemen struck and within a week, the city's mayor was on his knees begging for mercy. It lasted all of 8 days.

Then, two years later in Ireland, bankers went on strike for *6 months* and the economy kept on growing and history has largely forgotten it even happened.

Capitalists need you more than you need them.


The far-right play on fear, ignorance, lies & hate, to gain power which only ever results in division, terror & violence. This Sat we unite & stand in solidarity in the fight to stop the spread of this politics of hate!


psa: amazon doorbells spy on you for the cops 

Masto 101 for new folks:

Home timeline: This is the timeline that scrolls too fast for you to read, you click on it if you want to be taken to some random thing that wasn't under your mouse cursor when you clicked.

Local timeline: this is where the gays are

Notifications: This is what you refresh continuously to slake your thirst for attention.

Getting started: This sometimes gets replaced with things you click on for some reason. no one knows why.

Greetings, new users! Welcome to Mastodon and the greater Fediverse!

You may want to consult my Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon:

It covers topics like:

* How do I get verified on Mastodon?
* Why should I caption my images?
* What the hell is with all the pineapples?

About the "nonbinary crossbow" :nb_crossbow: 

I like how the way email works is that your inbox is just semi-spam that you haven't bothered to unsubscribe from, one actual message every two months, and literally nothing else ever.

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

don't -> short for Do Not
won't -> short for Wo Not

White supremacists ARE the zombie apocalypse. Think about it:
☑️ Pale and sickly
☑️ Destroy people’s brains
☑️ Weak in isolation but dangerously violent in numbers
☑️ It’s not always obvious when someone turns, but you don’t want to find out by waiting until it’s too late

Anti-Cis and Anti-Straight Memes Mega Thread 

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