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I need to find a trans community in NW Florida. I feel like I'm slowly falling to pieces, unable to present as male. If you're in the area, especially the Bay County area, can you please get in touch with me?

If you're not, can you please boost this so that area residents can see this?

Are you against your public posts being saved in the Wayback Machine? (boosts appreciated)

The New Rock boots I dug out of a cupboard for my night out....dusty and needed a little attention but did look cool.....not so comfortable as I remembered though!

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A visitor with rather too many teeth dropped by, but the buns are much too wily - there's a warren entrance just ahead, in true Matrix style. =:) Nobody came to harm.


After six years....a new blog post uploaded synapticrefuge.blogspot.com/20 ...reaching limits and moving beyond them in my small way

i will not reply to a reply guy i will not reply to a reply guy,,

queer is no longer apologizing for being who you are, no longer wishing you were cishet, no longer trying to adapt yourself to their society

The trans-themed play "Rotterdam" - "a bittersweet comedy about gender, sexuality and being a long way from home" - will be touring in the UK:


We want more than just queer bars or queer bookstores.

We want queer community spaces where there isn't an expectation of making a profit or purchase.

We understand they can't exist in our current society where profit is needed for survival but we can still wish for them and a society that would allow them.

Today’s my mom’s birthday! I would so appreciate it if you checked out her online shop of handmade goodies at margarts.com and if you can/want, please buy something, it would really make her day! Boost plz!

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