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I finally get on And I screw up my last name in my @ handle..... such a genius I am.

So Firefox 57 and on I'm currently on Firefox 58 b5. But a couple things still annoy me. Mainly Why is Pocket still a feature and not an extension? Also why do I have to go into about:config to get the privacy protection to work in normal private browsing tabs still?

pretty sure protecting your users privacy is more important then saving articles they like in proprietary service.

Wait, what!? How does To Kill a Mockingbird make someone uncomfortable?

It is anti racism. So I guess it could make racists uncomfortable.

seriously why do we need a third party script for that wasted space on the right there?

I wonder when Stylish will work with Firefox 57.

And Irma is more or less done with me. other then some extra wind which should help keep things cool till they get the power back up.

Well I may be In trouble with hurricane Irma.