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Ah how I love being nickled and dimed for taking a 2 to 3 minute piss at work.

Well this might be the cutest thing I may have seen in a while.

Finally Failbook deleted my Fsilbook accounts.

More reason for me to use Firefox over Chromium based browsers. native Punycode support.

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So I have set both of my Facebook accounts go be deleted.

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I finally get on And I screw up my last name in my @ handle..... such a genius I am.

So Firefox 57 and on I'm currently on Firefox 58 b5. But a couple things still annoy me. Mainly Why is Pocket still a feature and not an extension? Also why do I have to go into about:config to get the privacy protection to work in normal private browsing tabs still?

pretty sure protecting your users privacy is more important then saving articles they like in proprietary service.