Also, I'm really really really sorry for bothering people again tonight, but I kinda sorta came out as transgender to my sister earlier and I kinda sorta somehow let her talk me into coming out to the rest of my family when I come home this week and now I'm kinda sorta panicking about the idea of doing that. I'm sorry, but would anyone happen to have any advice on how to handle coming out to family? Sorry again. ><

I, um... I just wanted to thank everyone for all the boosts and recommendations. I can't say enough how much I appreciate it. You're all so absolutely amazing. <3

Um... okay, I the to bother here, especially after basically being silent for the better part of a year, but I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for good books/comics/games/what have you with transgender or nonbinary protagonists, or that otherwise focused on gender issues? Too be honest I've been trying to find some but its been disappointingly difficult to do so.

Good gosh I’m exhausted... I don’t suppose anyone has some good songs or something for falling asleep to? Sorry to bother ><

I literally just realized that the DnD character I just made is a near-perfect foil of the last one I made. Happy accidents are funny, sometimes. x3

Tram when I need to rush over to class: lol fuck you it’s 5 minutes late
Tram when I’m trying to get back: we’re gonna haul ass so you barely miss it and have to wait 10 more minutes.

I know it’s a relatively petty thing to complain about, but darn is it aggravating. X3

Studying for an exam tomorrow while running on approximately 3 hours of sleep. In other words, Wednesday. x3

Ergh, I can't believe I'm feeling self-conscious about my NAME of all things at this point, because I decided to just start calling myself by the feminine variation of my birth name and it just feels awkward and bad now that I'm further along in figuring out my stuff but people are used to that name and I have no idea what else I'd change it to so its just a clusterfrack.

*deep breath* Sorry, I'll stop now. This is your token trainwreck rant from me for the day. ^_^;;

Man, I'm always a bit torn when I find out a community or group I left went through a bunch of drama. On the one hand, I feel bad for the folks still a part of it that I talk to who have to put up with it, and obviously its awful to wish bad things and drama on others. On the other, I can't help but get some cathartic pleasure from people realizing just how much of a massive toolbag someone is after that someone helped drive me off. Basically what I'm trying to say here is I'm a bad person. :P

Ugh, just found out now that I have to stay for an extra few hours of classes thanks to something being moved to today from next week. This is gonna be a long Friday. x3

Good evening, everyone. I hope all of your days are going okay. Sorry I've been pretty quiet on here lately. I just have a hard time figuring out what to say. You folks ever get that feeling where, like, something comes into your head to say but you overthink it and edit the thought to death until it just seems awful to you and you end up saying nothing? That's basically me whenever I try to do more on here than say generic greetings. Sorry, I'll stop rambling now. >_<

Ergh. I was exhausted and half-asleep all day... until the minute I got back to my dorm and laid down, at which point I became wide awake again. That has basically been my week. x3

Hm... random question for you folks. Have you ever had a work where you really want to like it, either because its something you'd typically be interested in, or your friends all like it, or what have you, but it just kind of leaves you cold and rubs you the wrong way no matter how many times you try and give it an honest chance? Sorry, probably could've worded that better hehe. ^_^;;

One more class... somebody save me from lecture purgatory. XP

Phew, good morning everyone! I hope you all have excellent, productive days (unless you plan on just relaxing all day, in which case have fun with that!). Personally I will be spending my day going to class and then trying to write, and then wasting my time playing Game Dev Tycoon when I inevitably fail at being a productive human being. But until that moment of failure comes, please enjoy this lovely game track~ x3

In less good news, I'm now stuck in that mode where I want to do something productive but am to lethargic to do much more than just stare at the wall. Moods like that suck. ^_^;

Eee, I don't want to speak too soon, but I may be able to meet up with most of my polycule in person this spring yay! :D

Good day, folks. I hope you're all having a decent day. I'm currently about to frantically edit and send in a written assignment that is not quite as complete as I initially thought it was. x3

In the meanwhiles, have a beautiful, dreamlike track from my personal pick for game of the year~

Hollow Knight Spoilers 

Phew, finally have my laundry done and am sitting down to try and write, so here be a music track for all of you lovelies. I hope everyone's having a good bisexual visibility day~ <3

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